An Old Idea for a Star Wars TV Show

The original idea for this was first discussed in my SWTOR launch guild around April 2012.  Around 2006 a new bounty hunter centric game was being discussed, Star Wars: 1313, which was supposed to take place on Coruscant and might have dealt with Boba Fett apparently.  In addition, a new live action TV show was being discussed along side this, Star Wars: Underworld, which was supposed to be dealing with the underworld of Coruscant which was first shown in Attack of the Clones.

The Original Idea

Because nothing ever came with the game or the TV show, I was thinking that the Star Wars: Underworld trademark could be resurrected in a new TV show that  instead of dealing with just the Coruscant underworld, would instead deal with the criminal underworld that exists in the larger galaxy.

Its two or three years after the death of Jabba the Hutt.  The Hutt Cartel is in some chaos as a power vacuum exists, and different Hutts are looking to take over.  Jabba’s death has had the effect of smugglers, bounty hunters, privateers, gangs, and entrepreneurs looking for new opportunities where they might not have existed before. People who had been marked for death or capture by Jabba, felt like they had been freed.  The Imperial remnant are driven into hiding, and the Rebel Alliance  is looking to start their new government.

The show would follow a rag-tag smuggler group looking to make a name for itself in this new state of the galaxy.

  • Captain ? – street-wise, cocky, but a false sense of bravado.  Is hiding something about their past
  • Pilot/Copilot – brash, loves flying into danger. owes the captain for something, and is working off the debt
  • Engineer ? – a bit of a hot head, always making changes to the ship
  • Muscle ? – the enforcer of the group is the calmest one.  the captain will sometimes go to them for advice.
  • Slicer ? – stereotypical eccentric computer nerd. Also is hiding something about their past.
  • The Ship — some type of small cargo freighter, along the lines of the Millenium Falcon.  Some other YT type freighter would be good, but do not use the YT-1300 or YT-2400 (Outrider) models.

The show would follow this group on its adventures around the galaxy, doing jobs for the Hutt Cartel, Black Sun, the Imperial remnant, and the Rebels/New Republic.  Obviously working with the Imperial remnant and the Rebels would have led to some rather crazy situations.  Of course, episodes could deal with normal things a smuggler group would be dealing with such as human trafficking since alien slavery was a big thing during the Imperial reign, spice addiction, the moral conundrums of dealing with Imperials and Rebels, etc…

The New Idea

So about a year and half ago, before Rogue One came out, I brought this same idea again up to my current guild mates one night after a TfB run.  The general premise would remain the same, although now I was thinking a long running Netflix original series would be a better vehicle, Marvel’s Daredevil was out on Netflix at the time, and Orange is the New Black was sweeping up Emmy awards.  Because the Expanded Universe had been done away with after the purchase of Lucasfilms by Disney, I thought this would be a perfect way to introduce Talon Karrde to the new canon.

So the new series would be focused on Talon Karrde and his crew, taking on jobs in this post-Imperial galaxy.  However, I would not introduce Mara Jade’s character until midway through season 2, because the focus needs to be on building up Karrde’s character and showing what type of person he is, and what type of leader he is with the crew.  Bringing in Mara Jade later would then add a new wrinkle to the crew and how they adjust with her — does she bring her history with her, etc…

In fact one of the longer running arcs through the first season, and into the second season could be a mysterious client looking for old Jedi Order artifacts, which turns out to be Mara Jade.  While she may have some connection to Luke Skywalker, she doesn’t want to kill him like the she does in the Thrawn trilogy.  But her interest in ancient Jedi artifacts is peaking some interest from some people across the galaxy.

Which could lead to another episode, where the crew comes into possession of a certain Jedi weapon, that they try to pawn off as Darth Vader’s lightsaber.  A certain female from Takodana is interested in the item and some hijinks ensue.  So this could explain how Maz Kanata acquired Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber, and how the crew obtains it could help explain how this was, since the last time we saw it was falling with Luke’s hand under Cloud City.

While I would avoid direct tie-ins with events or people described in books like the Aftermath series, the names and places could still be used.  So events like the Battle of Jakku can be referenced, or people like Luke, Hand, Leia, Snoke, Brendol Hux, Counselor Rax, or Grand Admiral Sloane can be referenced, but they won’t be playing a direct part in the stories, and won’t appear on screen.


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The Jedi Archives – Coruscant Stronghold

This stronghold was the original library I was working on.  However, it started to feel to centered around the Jedi, which is why I created the other one.  I am still working on this one as well, as I want it to truly feel like the place where the Jedi would store their most valued holocrons and treasures.

Taelitha’s Temple of Light – Star Forge


Like the other Coruscant strongholds, I wanted to convey a sense of warmth here.


This is one of the main archive areas, where Jedi can come to find information on all sorts of ancient secrets.


This is a smaller library where Jedi can come and look through ancient holobooks on all types of subjects.


This is the central data storage for the archives.  There is some redundancy in case of power spikes or EMP bursts that could destroy the data stored here.


Again, I wanted to present this as a place where all Jedi are welcomed.


This archive location can also hold Jedi Council meetings.  For example, after the Noetikons were found during the Jedi Consular story line, this location could have been used to discuss what to do with them, even though they were thought destroyed.  I still hope one day will get a decoration like that (Large hook), or the ability to recreate it.


While this is the Satele Shan commemorative statue, for the purposes of this archive, I am using it as a representation of Cala Brin, who is the patron of this location.


This room is used by Jedi archaeologists, looking for other Jedi relics or holocrons.


Jedi history can be researched here, going all the way back to the founding on Tython.


I mentioned redundancy when referencing the data storage area, well this is the backup room.


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Pirates Roost – Nar Shadaa Stronghold

I wanted to create a place that would fit a moniker like “it is a wretched hive of scum and villainy.”  This one is still very much a work in progress, as I’m still trying find the right decorations for what I wanted to do here.

Taelitha’s Pirate’s Roost – Star Forge


I wanted the entrance to convey a sense that everyone is welcome here, which is why I used the flags out here.


Again, I wanted to show that everyone is welcome here, despite what the pictures show.  The Imperial and Republic banners and guards were removed, and replaced with paintings.


The side rooms are all the same right now, although again, any faction specific items were removed.


One of the main lounge areas.


This area is used for all types of games of chance like pazaak and sabacc.  There are limits to games though, and the house has a tendency to win more often than not.


This inner gambling area, is for more serious games, where high rollers can really wager everything for Lady Luck.


This is the inner lounge area.  Its not uncommon for a fight or two to break out in here.


And finally, the balcony lounge area.  Similar to the Marketplace Cantina, I wanted to try and really add some greenery to the balcony to help liven up the area.


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Sith Academy – Dromund Kaas Stronghold

To go along with the Jedi Academy stronghold, I also created a Sith Academy stronghold using the Dromund Kaas stronghold.

Taelitha’s Sith Academy – Star Forge


Unlike the Jedi Academy stronghold, the Sith Academy stronghold is a much more sterile place, with the only plants being available on the balcony.  I wanted the entrance to convey that “no nonsense” type of feel, that I would expect from most Sith schools.


This is the main room for learning combat and Sith sorcery techniques.  I’ve substituted in the meditating padawans because there is no Sith equivalent yet.  I do like the Sith Pureblood Female decorations as instructors though.


This is the primary room to learn of Sith and Imperial history.  I would really love at some point to have either paintings or some other wall decoration depicting the ancient Sith lords like Exar Kun, Naga Sadow, and Tulak Hord.



I’m not that happy with how the barracks area turned out, primarily because I didn’t have enough of the Sith bunk beds to go around.  Unlike the Jedi Academy stronghold, I wanted this stronghold to be a place where the Sith students and masters could come and learn for a long period of time.


While this does look like more of an audience chamber, it was intended more as like a place where students could be anointed as new Sith lords and such by the head of the Academy.



This is a sort of council chamber, where the instructors can come and discuss Academy matters.


This is Sith holocron archive for this Academy.  Students and instructors can come here to access the secrets of ancient holocrons or learn how to make their own.


I wanted this to be a place where special lightsabers were built at this academy.  One of the things I remember from the “Designing the Dark Side” Dev Dispatch from before launch, was that they wanted some lightsabers for dark side NPC’s and characters to have some flavor to them.  So a lightsaber might have Sith lightning trapped in it for example.  This would be the place where those types of lightsabers could be created.


And finally, the balcony.  Again, the students are here to learn, so having a place where they could relax was not something that was designed in.  Additionally, lightsaber combat drills can be done out here, with the occasional student being Force Pushed off the balcony to their doom.


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Marketplace Cantina – Nar Shadaa Stronghold

Something that I wanted to do since Galactic Strongholds were introduced, was to create an area where people would want to come and hang out, although at the time I was thinking more along the lines of my guild mates.  I still have some work to do with this one, I believe its only sitting at about 50% completion, but that doesn’t mean I’m wanting to stuff it to the brim with junk.  The items I place have to make sense.  I think what is still missing is more greenery, or at the very least, some holo trees, especially on the balcony area.

Taelitha’s Marketplace Cantina – Star Forge



I wanted to make the main entrance and the lobby inviting, and where some of the main shopping can be done.  If it was possible to have player run vendors, then this is where I would locate mine.


As for the small rooms off of the lobby, I wanted to have smaller areas to meet and hangout that were inviting, even to a Hutt or two.


As for the larger room off the lobby, I have the only food vendor decoration I was able to get, as well as two more item vendors.  Because we don’t really have any vendor personnel, except for the Rishi Trader which doesn’t make sense for my stuff, I’ve been using the Destitute Smuggler sense he at least acts somewhat like a vendor might.


Again, I wanted one of the large rooms to have an area where all types of visitors, including Hutts, could lounge and have fun.  I wasn’t able to get a lot of Golden Certificates during the last Nightlife event, otherwise I think I would have put down two of the dance floors here, as well as a jukebox, since we don’t have a cantina band decoration yet.


Of course, I also wanted a place for some games to go.  I’m still hopeful well get a Pazaak table at some point.  I like Sabacc table we have, but there are other games in the Star Wars universe as well.


And of course, another area for people to come and hang out in.


And like I said, while I haven’t done enough with the balcony to give it some charm, I do like what I’ve done around the door areas.


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Ancient Ruins – Yavin Stronghold

This is my second attempt at creating some good looking ancient ruins for role-playing purposes.  I believe this version is sitting at 80% complete.

Taelitha’s Temple of Light – Star Forge


A new crew of researchers is arriving to study these ancient ruins.



Again, most of the interior shots will be darker, as I didn’t want to use lights, especially ceiling ones, since this is supposed to be an ancient ruins.  That being said, i think there might be some floodlights or something from one of the recent packs, I might have to look into to help brighten these rooms.


















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How I Would Have Done KotFE

Previously I introduced some ideas of how I would have done the Knights expansions differently.  I will now go into some story detail changes, starting with the first expansion, Knights of the Fallen Empire.

Chapter 1

There is no real changes to the start of this chapter.  In fact, the only changes come at the end.  You, Darth Marr, and two unnamed bridge crew members, are brought before Arcann as his prisoner, some dialogue regarding his plans for the core worlds, and then told you will be sent to an off-world prison where you will work mining exonium.  Darth Marr breaks his shackles, and tries to go after Arcann, but is subdued by Vaylin in a force bubble.  Darth Marr will recognize the woman has considerable power, but accepts the situation for what it is.  Meanwhile, unnamed crew member #1 see’s this as well, and smiles…  You are then led out of the thrown room.

Chapter 2

A few months (four to six max) have passed, as you are on some random asteroid mining exonium.  Darth Marr and the other two crew members were shipped somewhere else, so you are all alone. Suddenly alarm klaxons start to ring out, and the shackles around your feet are released.  You have your mining laser (special weapon and abilities, cannot use your normal abilities, replaces your standard toolbar), and proceed to fight off waves off guards, as you and the rest of the prisoners make your way to the central elevator.

After fighting to the hangar level, you are stopped by some guards, who are promptly cut in half by Lana’s lightsaber.  She joins you and gives you some equipment, and then you fight to the ship she has waiting.  On board, theres some dialogue about the situation, where Darth Marr is, and you are introduced to the pilot Koth (he doesn’t join as a companion yet.)

Chapter 3

You make your way to the floating sanctuary of Asylum.  You are introduced to the rest of Koth’s crew, and plans are made to go rescue Darth Marr.  Before heading out, Lana reveals that Arcann sent a message to the leaders of the Empire and Republic, telling them that their attempts at invasion have failed, and that the full might of the Eternal Fleet would be heading there way.  She says both factions are mobilizing for war, but that nether side is still willing to ally with the other.

While in flight you can talk to the crew and get some details regarding whats going on, what is Zakuul, and why are they fighting Arcann.  You head out to another unnamed asteroid where Darth Marr and several of the crew are being held.  You will fight from the hangar to an area where Darth Marr and the others are being held, where you will meet Novo and Tanek (the knights you meet when you escape the carbonite chamber in existing KotFE).

Chapter 4

Back on Asylum, plans are being made my Koth and his crew to start going after some Zakuul supplies to help their effort.  Meanwhile, Lana and Darth Marr are warning you not to get involved with the politics of Zakuul, but will admit that the threats against the Republic and Empire are not to be taken lightly.  Instead, Lana suggests heading to Zakuul, and trying to figure out a way to stop this Eternal Fleet that Arcann controls.  Koth doesn’t like the plan, but believes it will be a distraction for what he had planned.

So you are dumped in a swamp outside the capital city on Zakuul, and fight your way to the sewers.  After you fight your way to the lower city levels, you are ambushed by Zakuul citizens, who take your weapons and lead you to an underground base.  There you meet the real leader of the Zakuul rebels, Thexan, who is not happy with the way Koth has been using some of the rebels for his own crusade against Arcann.

However, Thexan believes you can help as a new distraction, and sends an astromech, T3-08 who has some false reports and rebel plans, to sneak into a security outpost on one of the upper levels.  Once the fake plans are delivered, you leave and head back to Asylum with T3-08 as a new companion.

Chapter 5

After returning to Asylum, you meet up with Koth at a cantina, who has just returned from a raid they had planned, and you let him know what Thexan has said.  Theres some back and forth, shouting, arguing, and then Koth storms out of the cantina with his crew.  Darth Marr lets you and Lana know that he is returning to the search for the Sith Emperor, which will temporarily remove him from your companions.

Asylum is then attacked by Zakuul forces, including Vaylin and her Knights, with a focus on capturing the Outlander and their companions.  You will have an encounter with Vaylin, where you learn some details about what Arcann has planned for the rebels.  After you escape, theres a lot of finger pointing and blame, and Koth believes that T3-08 is a traitor that led Vaylin’s forces to Asylum.  In the meantime, you start looking for a new base location, but are interrupted for a new mission.

Chapter 6

Thexan has heard about the attack on Asylum and wants to meet with you and Koth about truly joining forces in order to take on Arcann.  First however, he needs you to track down an exiled former Zakuul knight to see if this person has some information that could help take Arcann down.

The search begins on Zakuul, where you learn that a mysterious person known only as the Shadow Lady, barters information to people willing to pay for it.  When you finally track down this Shadow Lady, you find it is a robot similar to Scorpio, but more willing to work with you.  After doing a little task for the Shadow Lady, she gives you an idea of where to start looking: Hoth.

Chapter 7

You find your contact on Hoth, and find out some additional details the Shadow Lady left out, such as the fact that members of the Zakuul Knights had been coming to the known galaxy for decades, getting details about the political situation, who was hostile and such.  You then make your way to Belsavis, where you learn that several Zakuul Knights had been captured and sent here because they were believed to be Imperial spies.  However, you find out most of them were executed after a failed prison break a few years ago.

You are then sent to Tatooine where you encounter a few Zakuul Knights who hadn’t been captured by the Republic, but had try to make contact with the Empire, but there ship was shot down and they’ve been stranded here.  The leader however does let you know that their former commander was not apart of any missions to the known galaxy.

Just when you thin the trail has gone cold, the Shadow Lady lets you know that a former Zakuul Knight, possibly the person we seek was seen on Nar Shadaa.  After arriving on Nar Shadaa , you find the person the Shadow Lady had info on, meeting with some Imperial military members and Republic senators.  A fight with members of their entourages will occur, and once done, they will tell you that members of the Zakuul Knights had been meeting with them for a couple of years now, trying to broker a peace treaty, even though there was no war going on, and they were doing this under orders from their former commander, who is in exile on Voss.

After arriving on Voss, you learn the person you seek can be found in a cave in one of the areas, and after some fighting with robot security, you can finally talk to them.  Its Senya, who came here after Valkorion’s death because she feared what Arcann had planned.  She tells you about Valkorions original plans, expanding into the Outer Rim area on Hoth, Tatooine, or even Yavin, but how some of the scout parties were not returning and Valkorion feared the people that inhabited this part of space may be to powerful.  She will tell you that she was part of some of those initial scouting parties, and that before Valkorion’s death, she had met with members of the Jedi Council and the Sith Dark Council, in order to warn them of what might be coming.  She decides to come back with you to meet the leader of the resistance, and you find out that Senya is Thexan’s mother.

Chapter 8

After the mother and son reunion, Thexan tells you about a mission Koth and his crew decided to go on in Zakuul, despite the extreme danger involved.  Senya will tell you that before she went into exile, she had run ins with Koth and his crew, when they were doing smaller jobs, but never wanted to truly punish them, as they were just doing what they could to survive.  Its at this time that Lana and T3-08 inform the group that they are receiving a distress call from Koth, that they are under heavy fire from Arcann’s forces and need help.

In route to Zakuul, Thexan tells you about Koth’s mission to steal power supplies from an older military installation on the edge of Spire.  Upon landing, you will split into 3 groups with each tasked to do something to help Koth and his crew.  You will be in charge of find Koth and his crew, and helping them get out.

When you do find Koth and his crew pinned down in what appears to be a recent addition to the base, he tells you they were set up.  He came to this installation on a tip from T3-08 who had downloaded details of this abandoned base the last time they were in Spire.  Koth is not sure what is being built at the new base addition, but they need to find out.

After fighting your way into one of the larger hangars, you are met by Arcann and several Scions, the group Thexan once led, and you are told of a prophecy that Zakuul will fall at the hands of an outsider, and that they are there to stop it.  Arcann will not attack until two Scions remain, and will flee if he gets down to half life, and you will see him take damage to his face.  After this battle, another Scion will appear, and she will ask to speak with Senya and Thexan, as they are both in grave danger.

After returning to the makeshift base, this Scion will tell them about a traitor that has been feeding Arcann information about the group and its activities.  Koth immediately thinks its T3-08, who has disappeared upon Koth’s return.

Chapter 9

The group is still in need of a more permanent base of operations, and Senya suggests an area on Odessan, which raises suspicion with Koth, because its near the military outpost his crew raided when you were off learning about the Eternal Fleet.  However, plans are made, and you head to Odessan to scout the location.

After arriving on planet, you will gather info from a nearby settlement before heading to the location Senya mentions.  Meanwhile, Koth and his crew are headed back to the outpost they raided earlier, in order to get some more supplies.  However, as they get near it, Koth realizes there are more troops and vehicles than were there earlier, and that another trap may have been set up.  So they start heading back to you and the main group in order to warn them.

You follow Senya to a mountainous area, where she shows you a secret stronghold that was built into the mountain.  Before you have a chance to scout it out though,   you receive a holo-call from Koth, who says there is a battalion of troops and tanks headed toward the settlement.  You head back to the settlement, where the troops have begun engaging the people living there, and a battle ensues.

At some point during the battle, Vaylin will appear and recognizing Senya, proceed to go after her.  In the meantime, you will be engaged with the troops and the tanks.  When you have dispatched with them, you will engage Vaylin, but she will escape as some bombers sweep in delivering their payload, and decimating the area.

While your group is hurt, the battle with the Zakuul troops is seen as a victory, and you head back to the hidden stronghold to recover.  The people from the settlement who survived the attack will follow you to the stronghold and act as vendors and such now.  At this time you will realize that T3-08 is missing, as well as one of the crew members from Darth Marr’s ship who you rescued.

Senya will tell you that while her kids know of the stronghold, they were brought there at a real early age, so Arcann and Vaylin should not know of its location.  You will then get a montage showing supplies and equipment coming to the new base, while Thexan is giving speech about cooperation and the struggles ahead.

The final expansion cutscenes will show Vaylin leaving Odessan with a shadowy figure who tells her she has great power, but needs to find a way to harness it.  And then Arcann will be sitting on the Eternal Throne, clutching a datapad in one hand, a robot that looks like Scorpio and the Shadow Lady standing at the base of the dais.  And finally, when Thexan explores deeper into the mountain, he will be struck with a vision of a dark obelisk that is radiating with power, and you will see his eyes glow orange.

Final Thoughts

So thats how I would do the first expansion, Knights of the Fallen Empire.  I’ve introduced most off the main characters in this group of expansions, with some surprises still in store.  Besides the main story, there are little stories that have all been introduced, including:

  • Koth and crew.  Will they be trouble for Thexan’s resistance, or learn to work with them?
  • Is the Shadow Lady friend or foe?
  • Who is the traitor?  Is it T3-08?
  • And many more questions


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Republic Library – Coruscant Stronghold

So I wanted to try and create a library where Republic characters could go and research whatever they wanted.  I like how it turned out for the most part, but would like to have some additional decorations that would help create something like this easier.  The good thing, is most of the decorations are purchasable from crafted components.

Taelitha’s Republic Sanctuary – Star Forge



I wanted to create a conference area of sorts where someone could give a lecture.


I like how this small area turned out with the archives.


This is the library core, where information is stored for later processing.


I wanted to have a place where people who are researching could go and decompress or continue to look over the stuff they are researching.


This is the main research area of the library.  I like how the archive decorations turned out in the squares, but would also like a medium decoration that did the same thing.  I know there is the Czerka Data Core and Mentor Processing decorations, but a decoration that looks like the square one above would be really cool.


This is an area where people can continue their research after getting a datapad, or sit and rest or read.


This room is used for military research, and is only accessible by members of the Republic military.


This area can be used to research Republic cultural subjects.


This area is used for researching Republic history and political subjects.


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Temple Ruins – Yavin Stronghold

The next stronghold I wanted to show off, is my first attempt at some Temple Ruins, using the Yavin Stronghold.  I have actually done this theme on three of the Yavin Strongholds, to varying degrees.  One thing I failed to mention previously, is I am not looking to get 100% completion with these strongholds either.  The Jedi Academy I showcased previously, was only 70% complete, and this Temple Ruins one is only 75% complete.

I will say in trying to come up with some good looking ruins here, there number of decorations that can be used effectively is rather small.  For example, we have a Yavin corner ruins, where the wall ruins?  Or we have one Yavin rubble decoration, why not another with some different rubble pieces in it. And while I am happy we have some really great working fountains and such, non-working varieties would be great too.

In addition, while the potted plants and trees are great for city areas or inside areas, we could use some more non-potted varieties as well which could be useful for outside scenes.  I found myself using lots of the Yavin Flora decoration because its not potted.

Taelitha’s Chamber of Truth – Star Forge


While I didn’t necessarily want this to be a Rakata themed ruins, this particular decoration is one of the best available for showcasing ruins.




Unfortunately, a lot of the interior pictures will appear dark because I didn’t want to use any of the lights because again, this is supposed to be a temple ruins.



Again, not necessarily a Rakata themed ruins, but the transporter is another really good decoration.  I wish for this one, there was a non-working variety.





Like the Yavin Rubble and Yavin Flora, I use alot of the Yavin Pottery decoration because its not tied to anything else.  You will see later, I like to use the pottery decorations on pedestals you get from Section X reputation, but because they are on pedestals, it makes them hard to place in some areas.











I really like the Voss decorations, especially the ones that can be purchased from the reputation vendor.  I just wish there was some more of sculptures and statues available.  There’s a quest, I believe for the Jedi Knight or the Sith Inquisitor, that occurs near the Temple, that has you interacting with some artifacts that are hanging on walls.  I would really like to see these things become available at some point.



I wish there were some more hooks available in the cave, not just on the floor, but the walls and ceiling as well.



A lone researcher getting ready to tackle the mysteries of this ancient temple.


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Jedi Academy – Coruscant Stronghold

So when Bioware announced that as part of the server merge, it would be possible to have multiple instances of strongholds, and all of them active even if it would mean the player would be over the new cap of 10, I got to thinking of what I could do to make some cool looking strongholds that I could open for public usage, like for role-playing groups and such.  The first thing I had to do was to make sure I had at least one character on all of the servers that would make up Star Forge after the merge.  The second part wouldn’t get finished until server transfers were suspended last week, and that was to make sure I had unlocked the most decorations I could, especially Cartel Market ones, since I would have a temporary copy of them after they were placed.  The final thing was deciding what I could do with each of the 24 unlocked strongholds, which didn’t include the ones on my main server which are still set up for conquest.  While I have had similar ideas for some of the strongholds, I am working on different implementations to give them their own unique feel.

Taelitha’s Jedi Academy – Star Forge

While this is not a full Jedi Academy, its meant as a study place for older padawan’s and masters.



Here a Jedi padawan can learn the art of meditation, as well combat techniques, and lightsaber building.


Theres a classroom for students training to be Consulars to learn the art of diplomacy and galactic history.


Students have access to a wealth of knowledge that the Jedi have accrued over many thousand years.



In the main conference room, Jedi can learn from lectures that are given, or entertain foreign dignitaries who may be speaking on the affairs of their planet.




There are individual classrooms or meeting areas as well for Jedi masters and padawans to use.


And if you need to decompress after a long lecture and take in the scenery of Coruscant, the balcony gardens provide a perfect place to meditate and reflect.


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