Character Profile: Taelitha


Human Female
Smuggler – Gunslinger (55)

Taelitha is my attempt at a cocky, female smuggler, with a no-frills attitude.  I’ve been trying to play her as someone not looking for relationships or family.  The love of her life is her ship, the Stellar Jewel.  She purchased the ship fair and square from some sabacc winnings.

While Taelitha does do work with the Republic, she’s not exclusive.  She will not deal directly with a Sith, because to her, there is no good reason to trust a Sith.  However, if some Imperials approached her for a trade or to smuggle something, she would do so for the right price.

Taelitha is my main and a very important part of the legacy for game reasons.  She’s rank 450 in Cybertech, Scavenging and Underworld Trading, so she is constantly being used to outfit the other characters with mods.

In regards to the legacy, she is the primary link to the Imperial characters, as she is an ally of my bounty hunter Ashallia.  One of Ashallia’s rivals had been sourced for a bounty on Taelitha, who hired Ashallia to kill the rival — two birds with one stone.  The two became allies afterward, helping each other out of Imperial or Republic messes when necessary.

On the Republic side, Taelitha has an ally in her mentor, Yang’aru Barithor, the Cathar smuggler and leader of their clan.  She met Yang’aru when she was a young woman, looking for adventure around Corellia.  She enlisted with his smuggling clan and learned the in’s and out’s of the trade, while proving herself as a very capable ally with her expert marksmanship.  She maintains a friendship with Yang’aru, despite leaving the group to follow her own path to fame.  They still share info regarding jobs, who to watch out for etc…

Future Plans:

Since Taelitha is my main, she will probably be the first to explore and test the waters of any future content.  I am slowly working on getting her outfitted with the highest rank modifications.


Taelitha was the second attempt at playing a smuggler.  The first was a male scoundrel that wasn’t working mechanically for me liked I had hoped, so he was deleted.

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2 Responses to Character Profile: Taelitha

  1. Lonegun says:

    I like the stories you have created for you characters. What server do you play on?


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