Character Profile: Rydilia


Human Cyborg Female
Trooper – Commando (55)

Rydilia is a soldier who originally could see no wrong in how the Republic was run, but quickly realized the government wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.  She still obeys the orders her superiors gives, but will question them when they don’t seem right.  It has led to some tense situations, including almost losing her special forces squad.

Rydilia has cybernetic implants on her face.  She has an artificial left leg and left arm, which were both severed off during a crane accident on Coruscant when she was a teenager.  If you weren’t aware of the accident, you couldn’t tell she had artificial limbs.

Rydilia is an ally of Cethil’aru, as they are usually paired together for Republic special missions.

Rydilia is my armormech (450) crafter, with scavenging (450) and slicing (450) sub skills.

Future Plans:
Looking forward to completing her story in the next expansion.

Before conquest was introduced, I was slowly working on getting her upgraded with appropriate rank (162 I think) items from Basic commendations and get her gear properly augmented.  Her current spec is Gunnery, but I do have some augments giving her Presence for the basic healing abilities you get from the Commando advanced class, which has helped while soloing content.

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