Character Profile: Cethil’aru


Cathar Male
Jedi Knight – Guardian (50)

Cethil’aru is the archetypal Jedi: stoic, honorable, duty-bound, trying to keep his emotions in check.

Cethil’aru is the son of well-known smuggler and business-man, Yang’aru of the Barithor Guild.  While his father sends holo messages, Cethil’aru has tried as best as he can to distance himself, as he fully believes in the Jedi Code regarding emotional attachments.

Cethil’aru is friendly with the trooper Rydilia, as their paths usually cross alot because of the Republic missions.

Future Plans:

I plan to get him through the Makeb story, possibly the CZ-198 and Oricon stuff as well.  Slowly I will work on getting his mods upgraded.  I do have all of his level 53, rank 156 purple armor mods ready to insert.

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