Character Profile: Ciletha


Mirialan Female
Jedi Consular – Sage (55)

Ciletha is an honorable Jedi, seeking to find peace and harmony in the universe.  Unlike some Jedi, including most of the Jedi Council, she believes that Jedi can have some emotional attachment, but the attachment has to balance with the force.  In other words, if someone she loved, a child, family member, etc… is killed, it was the will of the Force, and they are now part of that energy.

She hasn’t quite made the leap yet to a full relationship, but adopted a Sith pure-blood named Arynthia, who she is bringing up as a Jedi.  During what was supposed to be a mercy mission to Balmorra, she stopped a child-slavery exchange between some Chagrians and Trandoshans.  Arynthia was the only Sith pure-blood in the group, so she knew acceptance into Republic society might not be there, so she adopted the young girl.  The council was opposed to the adoption but after some discussion, doesn’t believe it poses a serious threat to Ciletha’s hold on the light side of the force.

Ciletha is my synthweaver (450), with archaeology (450) and underworld trading (450) as her sub skills.  I currently am using her to work on getting purple augments made for level 55’s and their primary companions.

Future Plans:
Looking forward to continuing her story in Shadow of Revan expansion.

Currently she is in rank 156 modifications, which does include some purple Presence augments.  I hope to get her outfitted the rest of the way soon.

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