Character Profile: Sevathia


Twi’lek Female
Sith Inquisitor – Sorcerer (55)

Sevathia is the archetypal Sith except for one huge distinction:  shes an alien.  As a young Twi’lek slave girl, Sevathia showed her force potential when she killed the wife of her Imperial master, the first officer on a battle-cruiser.  A tribunal tried to lock her up on Balmorra, but an up-and-coming Sith lord name Zash had her sent first to the Sith Academy on Korriban, and then to Dromund Kaas to complete her rituals and training.

Sevathia enjoys the intrigue and manipulation of being a Sith and the corruption that plagues Imperial society.  As a newly appointed member of the Dark Council she looks forward to a day when she can overthrow the Emperor and claim his power.

Future Plans:
Looking forward to continuing her story in Shadow of Revan expansion.

Either her or my bounty hunter will slowly be outfitted with rank 156 modifications to help get through Imperial related end-game stuff.  Even though she is currently the only level 55 for my Imperial characters, I’m not sure if her or the Ashallia will be my primary focus.  Currently, Sevathia is in the healer spec.  I am also debating what adaptive armor for her to wear.  Currently she is in the Eradicator set.  I do not like the Consular/Inquisitor armor with the horns and what not, so I am looking for something respectable for her.

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