Character Profile: Rosallia


Human Female
Jedi Knight – Sentinel

Rosallia can be considered a questionable Jedi.  While she strives hard to maintain the Jedi Code and her teachings, she will often times struggle with how to best practice what she has learned.  She questions the Jedi Council when it doesn’t seem apparent to her why they are doing something, or why they’re sending her on some mission that doesn’t make sense.

I’m playing her like her companion Kira Carsen essentially.  Because of this, a couple of her conversations have led to some dark side points being awarded, but for the most part she has been light side.  I’m not sure she would fit in with what others consider a neutral Jedi, but its possible.

Future Plans:
She’s currently on Belsavis, and I will finish off the rest of her missions someday.


Rosallia currently has no direct relationship with the legacy.  I was thinking she could be a child of Rydilia, but not sure anymore.  The other possibility was to make her an ally of Arynthia, and a rival to Kain’haru, but the back story there was never clear.

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