Character Profile: Kain’haru


Sith Pure-blood Male
Sith Warrior – Juggernaut

Kain’haru could have been the archetypal Sith, but fate had other plans.   An exemplary candidate to be Darth Baras’ new apprentice, Kain’haru was everything a master could want: unquestioning, willing, powerful.  However, some key events would change his outlook and his role in the machinations of the Empire.

Originally thought abandoned by his parents on Tatooine, he learns from his adopted mothers rival Terra’lia that his parents were killed by Republic soldiers after an attack on a settlement outside of Mos Illa.  This is the source of his initial rage, and was key to unlocking his Dark Side potential.  He is currently estranged from his adopted mother Ashallia.

At some point while Kain’haru is in the service of Darth Baras, Terra’lia reveals some details regarding a possible brother who may still be alive.  (Ath’haru and his past/present/future is not fleshed out)  At some point in the future, the brothers will clash but reconcile their differences.

Kain’haru doesn’t like the idea of being a slave, so one of the first actions that exemplified a possible goodness or at least decency in him, was releasing Vette from her shock collar.  The second event occurred on Tatooine during a string of rather weird encounters.  The third event was meeting Jaesa Willsam.

Future Plans:


There is a dialogue option when recruiting Jaesa that perfectly describes how I’m playing Kain’haru:  “I am chaos…”.  For most of the early stuff I was selecting mostly Dark Side aligned options.  However, after leaving Dromund Kaas, I selected options that fit the situation.  If that meant lying to Baras, then so be it.  While I won’t be getting a high affinity in either light or dark side, I’m hoping that in the end a decent balance will be struck.  I did select to keep Jaesa light side, so I hope that doesn’t bite me in the butt later.

Based on these selections and the path I’ve chosen for Kain’haru, it would make sense that Ath’haru could be a pure Dark Side character, which would lead to some great head-canon situations.

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