Character Profile: Yang’aru


Cathar Male
Smuggler – Gunslinger

Yang’aru is the leader of a group of smugglers called the Barithor Guild.  Yang’aru is a marksman with his blasters, and has a quick wit.  He is smart enough not to get his group into trouble by trading things like spice or stims, but will help a good cause.

Yang’aru was born on Taris where his parents were eking out an existence as refugees near the Brell Sediment.  As a teenager he stowed-away on a Republic freighter headed to Coruscant, where he met the smuggler Nico Okarr.  Okarr put him into contact with some Syndicate members on Coruscant.

For several years Yang’aru smuggled goods for the Syndicate, until an accident forced him into a month long stay in a kolto tank.  After that, he discovered the spice he had been delivering was killing people, instead of just giving them a cheap high.  So he quit the Syndicate and formed his own legitimate trading company.  However, when the war broke out and Coruscant was sacked, he moved his operations to Ord Mantell.

Yang’aru has a son, Cethil’aru, who was found to be force sensitive at a young age.  Their current relationship is strained however, as Cethil’aru is trying to maintain a distance from his father living the life of a pure Jedi, but his father wants to stay in contact.


Future Plans:


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