Character Profile: Ashallia


Rattataki Female
Bounty Hunter – Mercenary (34)

Ashallia is a down-to-earth bounty hunter.  She does her job, but doesn’t kill for fun.  She prefers carbon-freezing targets over killing them.

I have tried not to play Ashallia as a cold, calculating style bounty hunter like a Boba Fett for example.  I want her to be a bounty hunter with some feeling, a real purpose.

Ashallia is an orphan, growing up on the streets of Nar Shadaa.  She met a Chagrian bounty hunter named Rogun Matt’rik and started doing small jobs for him.  She left his gang 3 years before her invitation to the Great Hunt.  She was tasked to take down a Chiss merchant named Maar’ar’in, who ended up being a minor noble in the Chiss Ascendancy.  While this led to her being on Imperial Intelligence’s watch list, they have not made a move to arrest her yet.  She will do jobs for the Chiss, Imperials, Republic, anyone who has the credits.

With regards to the legacy, she is an ally of Tarithia, and a rival of the Chiss Agent Terra’lia, who is the niece of the minor noble Ashallia killed.

Ashallia has an adopted son, Kain’haru, a Sith pure-blood she found abandoned in a cave on Tatooine.  She is currently estranged from him, after her rival fed him some information about his parents that led him down a dark path.

Future Plans:
I plan to finish Ashallia’s story at some point, as the Great Hunt part of the story was interesting and fit in rather well with how I’ve tried to play Ashallia, especially the ending stuff regarding the Mandalorians.

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