Character Profile: Terra’lia


Chiss Female
Imperial Agent – Operative

Originally from a minor noble house in the Chiss Ascendancy, Terra’lia joined Imperial Intelligence to gather details regarding her uncles death, which was explained as suicide at first.  While her family is not well regarded by the royals in the Ascendancy, they had a significant amount of pull in the trade markets.  She struggles with Imperial politics, but does what she must to gain what details she can.  She will almost do whatever it takes to get a job done, but there are some things even she will not stoop too.

Terra’lia despises all things Republic, especially their government and what she calls the parasitic Jedi Order.

The rivalry between Terra’lia and Ashallia originated with two separate but connected accidents, which neither woman has been able to let go of.  For Terra’lia, she botch an operation that killed a potential bounty hunter informant named Braden.  For Ashallia, in her attempts to gain favor with Nemro the Hutt, killed an Imperial agent disguised as a rivals rancor handler.

Terra’lia has an uneasy alliance with the Sith Sorcerer Sevathia, a member of the Dark Council.

Terra’lia is my biochemist (450), and has bioanalysis (450) and diplomacy (450) as her other skills.

Future Plans:
For the longest time I was not able to advance her story, I kept getting a line-of-sight bug on the final boss in her mission.  I couldn’t setup anywhere that I didn’t have the problem, so every time he would quickly pick off my companion, and then I would die…  When they fixed the bug sometime after Rise of the Hutt Cartel was released I believe, I went back and was able to finish the mission and complete chapter 1.  I am hoping to get her leveled up, to help with getting characters properly outfitted with implants and what not.

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