Character Profile: Arynthia


Sith Pure-blood Female
Jedi Consular – Sage

Not much is known of Arynthia’s past before her rescue by the Jedi Calitha.  Somehow she ended up in a Trandoshan slave caravan on Balmorra, where Calitha rescued her from.  Calitha was originally going to leave her with some friends of hers on Coruscant, but realized after a short time that a Sith pure-blood would have a hard time fitting into Republic society, especially after the sacking of Coruscant.

She has a trust problem with some authority figures, including the Jedi Council, who showed a desire to separate her from her adoptive mother.  Calitha has tried to instill as much of the Jedi Code as she can in Arynthia.

Future Plans:
I am looking forward to finishing off her story, but not sure what after that.  If some future expansion allows her “fall” to the dark side, that would be cool, as long as it would be possible to “return” to the light side later.

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2 Responses to Character Profile: Arynthia

  1. I thought *I* went far with putting character info on my blog, but you, sir, win by miles.

    *takes hat off and bows*

    Nice job!


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