Update 2-17-15

Wow it has been awhile since I updated this blog…  Unfortunately some real life things took major precedence over other things, so I wasn’t able to play SWTOR as much as I would have liked.  But I will document what I can here, give an idea of what I’ve been doing with my characters.


I was able to use some of the time I had not occupied with work stuff, to utilize the 12x character story XP to finish off some of the characters I had.  This included Ashallia, Rosallia, and Sharithia.  I was able to get Arynthia’s story into the 2nd chapter before the XP buff was removed.  That being said, I did find a little time to get another character going.  I had some fun playing the Sith and Jedi tank builds, so I decided to see how at least one of the other tank builds played.  So I created a Cathar trooper, Jar’iss, and sent him down the vanguard path.  Because this was pre-disciplines, I was having troubles at the lower levels acting/feeling like a tank, so there was some class mission fights that I had to die, figure out a different strategy, rinse and repeat.  I was able to get him through his second chapter and started on the third.  I did get several finished characters through a good chunk of the Makeb storyline and at level 55 ready to take on the Shadow of Revan stuff.


So the Shadow of Revan expansion dropped, and over a couple of nights, I was able to take Taelitha through it.  I actually loved the way they were giving out Customizable gear to help with progression, and its my opinion that I wish they would’ve done that through the game.  For the most part I enjoyed the story for the expansion, there was some spots that seemed weak to me.  I really enjoyed the smugglers class-specific sidequest, but do wish there was a little more interactivity with it.  I didn’t do much grinding after the finish, so Taelitha was left at level 58, but I was definitely going to finish getting her leveled at some point.  At this point some real life stuff occurred, including weather problems, and I was pretty much out of the loop for the rest of the month.  I was able to catch a few of the daily Christmas deals for old Cartel Market packs which I will discuss the need for later.


A new year, and a new start.  Because I had focused on getting most of my characters through as many Makeb missions as necessary, I had neglected to get them through the Prelude missions.  Looking back, this was actually a good thing, and maybe sub-consciously made.  I started working on getting characters through these Prelude missions, and like the new Tactical FP’s from Shadow of Revan, enjoyed the help of the GSI combat droid.  While at first it did seem kind of cheaty, you still have to do some strategy in order to win the boss fights still.  The best example being the final boss in the Manaan flashpoint, because any non-tank class will have a fun time trying to get that big guy moved properly under one of the flame spouts.  The really cool part again with these is that customizable gear was handed out as rewards for some missions.  So while I did work on a few characters to get them into at least purple armor mods, the new equipment was going to be better for them anyway, at least until level 60.  I was able to get a few characters through the first couple of missions on Rishi as well, but will have some things to focus on until the next major updates.

February So Far

I have continued to work on getting some people leveled up and through at least the Shadow of Revan Prelude missions.  I was able to get Cethil’aru, Ciletha, and Sevathia through the Rishi portion and started working on getting them through Yavin portion of expansion.  After the Bounty Contract week I will try to focus on one getting one character through the rest of their expansion missions, and then move on to the next.  Unfortunately, I noticed that Relics of the Gree event starts at the end of the month, so there will probably be some reputation and gray helix component grinding there since there are some things I need to purchase from that vendor…


So one of the things I wanted to focus on fixing up are my four strongholds.  I noticed one day that all of my characters were huddled up in the Tattoine stronghold, and the others were not really being used.  So I took a trip around to the others and did took some mental pictures of what I could do with them.  So I started perusing through pictures over at tor-decorating.com to see what was available, what looked nice for what I had in mind, and how these items could be obtained.  Lists were made and I started to see what I had on-hand and see what out there for purchase.  This of course led me to the realization that grinding for rep and credits was a necessary evil, especially if purchasing furnishings on the Cartel After-Market (GTN).  I will be doing some Stronghold Improvement posts, with pictures, to show what I’m doing over time, along with the occasional update post.


Something interesting that came out of all the looking around, going through inventories and what-not, was that I had become a pack rat.  Especially with the collections system, this should no longer be happening, but it was.  So I slowly be going through inventories, and any Cartel Market items not added to collections, will be, at least most of them.  I know I have a bunch of armor sets that are missing 1 box or piece.  I do wish there was a better way to sell some of these.  I know I got hit with the Cybernetic Series dump that would even make Atari’s ET game laugh.  And currently, of course the GTN is flooded with people trying to sell these things, even going below the posting price!

That being said, I do have a lot of non-CM gear, which all should be modable, that I would like to keep around for now.  Hopefully this mysterious Outfit Designer hinted at in the 2015 roadmap, is what I think it is (wardrobe manager), so I can work to get rid of some of these things.

So anyway, lots to do and see around here hopefully…  I will try to be better with the character updates, including what disciplines I put them in and why!

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One Response to Update 2-17-15

  1. Good to see you posting again! I’m looking forward to your stronghold posts. I wanted to do some myself, but I never feel my strongholds are ‘finished’ enough to post about them. Then again, they probably never will be. Sigh. Anyway, maybe you’ll give me some inspiration. 🙂


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