Coruscant Stronghold — Update #1

Head Canon Background

Cethil’aru and Rydilia are looking for a small base away from the Senate promenade, a place where their companions can go to relax, without being harassed.  They look for a place that will allow them easy access to the spaceport and Senate building, but has enough amenities that will allow their companions to actually rest and relax when not out doing missions.


We all know that strongholds tend to always be a work-in-progress, mainly because new items are introduced during patches, expansions, or Cartel Market packs.  This is the first stronghold I wanted to get as close to complete as possible.

Currently, I do not have the balcony area unlocked.  The centerpiece for that area however would be a Holocron of Ancient Masters, which I am slowly working towards.  In addition, it would act as a second living area, so park benches, shrubs, trees, etc… out there.

Also, just as an FYI, I have been trying some combinations of hooks and decorations to see what I can come up with that may at least look unique or cool.  I will probably make a post on these decorations at some later date.


Screenshot_2015-02-25_22_36_32_231729Screenshot_2015-02-25_22_37_11_138955Screenshot_2015-02-25_22_36_45_767504Screenshot_2015-02-25_22_36_53_703958This room is used for repairing droids, armor, weapons and mounts.  So this is where my primary storage banks are placed, a mailbox, and a place for the Jawa scrap peddlers and Prefab Droids to sit.

Jedi Training Area

Screenshot_2015-02-25_22_32_33_467073Screenshot_2015-02-25_22_31_58_250059Screenshot_2015-02-25_22_31_43_586220I wanted this room to convey a sense of being just another part of the Jedi Temple.  So I’ve included a fountain, at least 1 each of the light datacrons, and a couple of archive computers.  I also wanted the room to have a living feeling to it, so I included some of the environmental hedges.  And what Jedi area wouldn’t be complete without a lightsaber forge or two.

Computer room

Screenshot_2015-02-25_23_33_24_141880Screenshot_2015-02-25_23_33_37_077619The computer room is where guests go to catch up on the latest holonet news, slice into Imperial communication and data traffic, plot and plan where their next mission will take them.

Sleeping areas

Screenshot_2015-02-25_22_54_16_110580Screenshot_2015-02-25_22_54_26_275161Screenshot_2015-02-25_23_17_28_246205I knew I wanted a sleeping area, but didn’t want a house type of feel, its a base of operations after all.  So I made both rooms like barracks, including bunk beds, wall lockers, a desk computer, and small couch to sit on.

Medical area

Screenshot_2015-02-25_22_53_36_469312Screenshot_2015-02-25_22_53_53_937312I wanted a medical area that could handle whatever health-based scenarios the characters could find themselves in, whether its over-exposure to heat or cold, blast wounds, or the rakghoul plague…

Middle Living area

Screenshot_2015-02-25_23_31_51_567585Screenshot_2015-02-25_23_32_05_936406Screenshot_2015-02-25_23_32_14_557900I’m still not sure what I really want to put in here.  The main living area is where I would want the soldiers and Jedi to sit and relax.

Main Living area

Screenshot_2015-02-25_23_17_58_988964Screenshot_2015-02-25_22_38_03_631957Screenshot_2015-02-25_22_38_22_421032The primary living area, a place that needed to provide what amenities it could offer for a relaxing visit.

 Main Hallway

Screenshot_2015-02-25_22_36_18_864965Not much here yet, but I did think some paintings would spruce it up a little.


Screenshot_2015-02-25_22_37_31_763134While some of the things aren’t directly mirrored, the stairways should look similar to each.


Screenshot_2015-02-25_22_31_10_570331Screenshot_2015-02-25_22_31_21_860977Trying to create a friendly, inviting entryway.

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