Dromund Kaas Stronghold — Update #1

Head-Canon Background

Kain’haru is looking for a place away from the prying eyes of the Sith Sanctum in Kaas City.  He finds an apartment that will be the perfect base of operations, as he wants to increase his power-base as the Emperor’s Wrath.  He advises Terra’lia of the new base, tells her he doesn’t want it bugged like the Sanctum is.  Kain’haru is looking to recruit anyone who believes he will be the next great leader of the empire.


Like the Coruscant apartment, the Dromund Kaas apartment is used as a base of operations for Kain’haru and Terra’lia.  While the Coruscant apartment focuses more on the living conditions and well-being of its guests, the Dromund Kaas apartment acts more like an actual base.  While there is a small living area, its not meant to be a nice place to congregate.

Like the Coruscant apartment, I don’t have the balcony unlocked yet.  I was debating on what to put out there anyway, especially since this is supposed to be a “secret” base.  I was thinking after the Ancient Masters Holocron was bought, I could possibly go after the Sith Academy obelisk.  But there are some statues that would be cool out there, including the Sith Emperor one which could throw-off people who are trying to snoop.


Screenshot_2015-02-25_23_48_29_327653 Screenshot_2015-02-25_23_48_15_626870 Screenshot_2015-02-25_23_48_08_589467 Screenshot_2015-02-25_23_47_57_574837This room is used for repairing droids, armor, weapons and mounts.  So this is where my primary storage banks are placed, a mailbox, and a place for the Jawa scrap peddlers and Prefab Droids to sit.

Sith Training Area

Screenshot_2015-02-25_23_42_36_382466 Screenshot_2015-02-25_23_42_53_024418 Screenshot_2015-02-25_23_43_19_664941I wanted this room to be a place for training, something akin to the Sith Academy.  I tried to focus on it being seen as a single purpose area.  Where the Coruscant room had some environmental furnishings, this room is meant to be cold and gloomy.

Sleeping areas

Screenshot_2015-02-26_00_03_06_537827 Screenshot_2015-02-26_00_03_23_839816 Screenshot_2015-02-26_00_04_47_785618 Screenshot_2015-02-26_00_04_54_989030Unlike the Coruscant apartment, I wanted barracks style rooms, and a room that was built for two characters to sleep comfortably in.  I was debating on going with two separate rooms built for comfort, but there is an army being recruited, so they need places for them to sleep.

Medical area

Screenshot_2015-02-25_23_47_22_742845 Screenshot_2015-02-25_23_47_41_431914Because I do consider this a base of sorts, it had to have a medical area to heal blast wounds, over-exposure to heat or cold, etc…

Intelligence Gathering

Screenshot_2015-02-25_23_50_34_209796 Screenshot_2015-02-25_23_50_41_203196 Screenshot_2015-02-25_23_51_14_764116The large room up stairs was perfect to use as the main hub for an Imperial base.  Several good hooks for the large computers and such.

 Living area

Screenshot_2015-02-25_23_51_48_726058 Screenshot_2015-02-25_23_52_00_176713 Screenshot_2015-02-25_23_52_11_105338While the Coruscant apartment had a large, inviting living area, the Dromund Kaas apartment’s living area is smaller and cramped.  If you aren’t working or sleeping, then maybe you have time to take a break…


Screenshot_2015-02-25_23_42_12_753114 Screenshot_2015-02-25_23_42_23_133708An intentionally sparse entryway.  The mushrooms are there to put guests into an uneasy feeling.


Screenshot_2015-02-25_23_50_06_271198Like the Coruscant apartment stairways, these are mirrored similarly, and have more trophies to display.

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2 Responses to Dromund Kaas Stronghold — Update #1

  1. I use the same room for my Imperial Intelligence detachment. I guess great minds must think alike! 😉


    • ceciltaru says:

      Cool! Yeah if your trying to create a base, besides maybe the garage, its the only room that pulls it off the best. Still wish the hook system was a little bit more intelligent. I really want to put those big computers against a wall or the windows, but no large hooks there, and the 10 unit x,y movement isn’t really enough.


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