Gree Event Rant — 03-02-15

For the first time that I can recall doing the Gree event, I had a string of “those” situations happen across 4 characters, 2 from each faction.  You know the situations that I’m talking about.

  • Trying to do the Heroic pylon quest, PVP flagged characters from the opposite faction are there ready to pounce on unsuspecting players who somehow get flagged, whether by healing or some other weird means.
  • PVP flagged characters from the opposite faction intentionally being annoying, running around while your group is trying to kill the program mobs or the champion, hoping that someone messes up and tab-targets or auto-targets them and takes a shot or makes a heal, and then boom, your getting attacked and die.
  • Your group is fighting a pylon champion, and a group from the opposite faction, or even your own faction apparently, can use abilities that will pull the guy away from the tank and where you are fighting it, and have the guy reset its aggro, which this other group can than claim.

All of these situations are detrimental to whatever idea of community is left in this game.  I make that claim because if you mention how bad behavior like this ruins others fun in game, you are met with a constant stream of replies like “stop whining baby”, “this is a free-for-all area”, “if you don’t want to PVP then you shouldn’t come here.”  The problem is, that Bioware for whatever reason decided to host an event in an area that was no longer being used for its original purpose, and not make the design choice to turn off PVP.  So for the last 3 years at least, some of us have begged and pleaded in the forums to get this changed.  Here’s some of the ideas that I have liked during this time, that others have come up with and for the most people have liked, with of course the occasional “black knights” or those looking to ruin everyone’s in-game experience because thats what they consider fun.

  • Bring back the southern portion of that area as a Republic area, complete with its own set of daily objective places including 3 new pylons.  This way, there isn’t fighting for pylons between Imperial and Republic player groups.  There would be no need to move the Grey Secant portal area either, the teleporter can still function as it does now.  For those that are PVP flagged, they know the risk at that point.
  • Make it so that if you have zero expertise, that any healing or other actions that would currently put you into a flagged state, will not, as long as the flagged player is in your group.  I know there are thousands of arguments against this, each with their own scenario that can occur, but it just makes the most sense to me.
  • If thats not enough for some, then on PVE servers, make it where the player has to knowingly, willfully turn on their PVP flag in order to perform some action for the other flagged player.  Of course this has the added side effect of players advertising whether they are flagged or not, which I actually did see this weekend.
  • Move the Heroic pylon quest to a specific party phase, where the champions cannot be reset and players outside the phase cannot attack or heal.
  • Move the event to a different, non-PVP planet.

Now obviously some of these work better than others.  I know the aggravation and frustration currently felt by non-PVPers during this event, would be displaced to those who found joy or fun in annoying or killing their fellow players just because.

I haven’t done a calculation of reputation tokens but I am hoping over the next few weeks that it will lead me at least to champion status, and then I can tackle Legend status the next time around.  I still need as many Grey Helix Components as I can get as the 3 items I really want for my various strongholds, all cost 4 components each.

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