SWTOR Strongholds — Decoration Ideas #1

Since the release of the Galactic Strongholds update last year, I have been on the lookout for things that I would like to see made into decorations.  For me, the little things that make up the places we visit while progressing through the game, are just as important as the big things.  So I’ve been going through old and new screen shots to see whats there, that could be a cool decoration to have!

Screenshot_2015-02-23_10_23_44_181903These little canisters are found in the Imperial Intelligence headquarters on Dromund Kaas.  They look like a great addition to the small hook size items.


Screenshot_2015-02-22_14_28_32_045204While this holo-emitter found in the macro-binocular quests has a ship, I think it would be cool to have interactive ones available; one for Ships, Planets, Bounties, etc…


Screenshot_2015-02-21_15_01_24_972373This picture is from the storage container part of the last Rishi quest to save Theron Shan.  I would like to see more computers like this, small, medium narrow, and place-able on walls!


hoth-3Screenshot_2015-02-21_14_11_13_902150These large containers are all over the place.  I would like to see a single and stacked version.


Screenshot_2015-02-21_14_07_08_643122These containers are also all over the place, and should fit maybe a medium-narrow or medium hook.


Screenshot_2015-02-22_12_10_35_078788I don’t recall where I took this picture, but these computers would look good in a medium-narrow or medium space.


Screenshot_2015-02-21_14_08_11_459715I believe this was taken at Imperial Intelligence HQ, but you have two decorations here: the Small hook size computers that are copy-pasted, and the medium-narrow one in the center.


Screenshot_2015-02-21_11_23_33_142707Not sure where this was taken, but again, you have a computer that fits a medium-narrow hook.


Screenshot_2014-10-18_08_27_53_622679An example from the Shroud quests of a table, monitors in the background, and a small computer and datapad on the table.  Should fit nicely in a medium size hook!


Screenshot_2015-02-21_14_07_28_554260There are two wall decorations in this picture that I believe would help to give any wall some better definition.  The first is the medium-narrow size “vents” above the cabling on the right.  The second, is the small hook thing above the vents.

Screenshot_2013-06-08_13_48_40_091658Screenshot_2013-06-08_16_40_24_626044I believe this is Gree tech from two different locations.  Maybe this could be one of those short interactive decorations.

Screenshot_2013-06-08_22_15_39_546551A Voss computer terminal from the Shrine of Healing.



Screenshot_2013-06-08_22_09_12_752428 Screenshot_2013-06-09_10_06_26_062530Voss artifacts, either small or medium-narrow hook size.


Screenshot_2014-10-04_17_42_23_157632One of the small Rakata terminals found on Belsavis, that would look good in a medium-narrow or medium slot.


Screenshot_2013-06-08_14_30_29_926213A Rakata generator that can be seen in the Revan side-quests on Nar Shaddaa or Belsavis.  Like the Huge Generator, it would be for the huge hook size.


I think thats it for the first part of this.  I am always on the lookout though for things I would like to see added as decorations.  Make it happen Bioware!


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