What is My Star Wars – The Old Republic Head Canon

First of all, I want to give a shout-out to the fine people over at Corellian Run Radio!  Seriously, give their site a look and listen to the excellent podcast!

From the first time I stepped into Norrath, to Vana’diel, to Azeroth, to Eorzea, and now the Star Wars – The Old Republic universe, I’ve tried to play the roles I selected, and characters I created in a way that made sense in my head.  While the idea of role-playing in these games has been somewhat of a mystery, I could still have fun whether solo or playing in a group because I could use my imagination to help determine why something happened, or why a scenario was playing out a certain way, all within the confines of the story the developers were trying to tell.

So thats how I play, especially the story driven games like Star Wars – The Old Republic.  I have created a small background for each of the characters that I have rolled up.  Those backgrounds then help me when making decisions for conversations.  So regardless of alignment gains/losses, or whether a companion will like/dislike my answer, I pick based on how that character would pick.  This helps give me a connection to that character that helps to make progressing through their story, that much more fun.

Its not always helpful though, as there have been some times where I would lose interest in playing a character, either because the choices I made were no longer able to fit into how I thought they should react.  The great thing here is that I can shelf that character for a time, and then come back later to work on them a little more.

A great example here, is my female Jedi Knight Rosallia, who I was playing similar to her future companion Kira Carsen, well before they met.  I was finding it hard to play a brash, questionable Jedi during the first chapter, while Kira was doing the same thing either through reactions to my conversation picks, or her personal storyline.  So I shelved Rosallia, played someone else, came back, shelved her again after using Lord Scourge, and then finished her main story off during the 12x XP event.  But thats perfectly acceptable here, because you can do what I did, or like I’ve done with two other characters, change their motivations while progressing through the game.

This game is chock full of some great storylines that you can easily miss, if all you are doing is spacebaring through the conversations or just going for companion affection or alignment gains.  I recently started to go through some of the hard-mode flashpoints that I can solo at level 60, primarily to get decorations, but also to give my characters some additional progression for their story, and I’m hoping to start going through operations as well for that story progression, not really for gear progression.  In fact, I know there’s also several planet bonus series I want to quickly go through now to see what stories are there, because again, its not for XP or gear.

Not everyone plays MMO’s the same.  Having a personal head canon, or even role-playing may not be someones cup of tea.  I don’t like PvP, others do.  I can’t understand why someone will power through the progression content, just to get to an endgame grind.

So what motivated you to play a certain role, character class, or advanced class?

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2 Responses to What is My Star Wars – The Old Republic Head Canon

  1. zernebog83 says:

    First of all-I love Corellian Run Radio. I’ve been a huge fan since I started listening around the beginning of SoR. You do realize that Heather is also Pretty Little Sith, right? Also, I was the Zernebog that appeared on the Guild Ready Check for the Order of Shadow Knights (show title was From SWTOR with Love”.
    Secondly, I have chosen Sith characters (Empire not Pure Blood) because of the love of making them as sadistic and maniacal as can be. I loved being able to do this with my main (Zernebog- male Zabrak Juggernaut tank). I love the bravado that the warrior takes on after becoming the Emperor’s Wrath. And as a tank spec in heavy armor, he can back it up. It is also one of the reasons that I love having Jaesa tag along. As Dark Side Jaesa has such a twisted personality. It makes me want to roll a new warrior so I can pursue the relationship with her instead of Vette (Zerne married Vette as soon as the story would allow it).
    I have been experimenting with looking at the character progression through your point of view on my newest character (Ja’rilo male Cathar Powertech tank). It seems to be a better way to go-especially since Mako is seriously unpredictable in what affection points she grants or loses. When I need to grind some affection on her I will just head over to Black Talon and solo affection farm for it. I love your idea of getting into the mindset of the character you are playing. I am sure that it makes the game much more engaging when you look at the character as an example ensign of yourself if you were put into the same situations.


  2. This is something that I do myself – I don’t go into any great detail about where the character came from but for each of my characters I know what type or person they are and what their motivations are.

    My Jedi Knight is level 12, but I’ve already decided that he will be good at the start, with a little “ends justify the means” thrown in at important moments, leading to a swing towards either the dark or grey, depending on how decisions fall.

    My Bounty Hunter has her own principles – doesn’t take short cuts, tries to avoid harming innocents but always upholds her contract, because I figure trust and reputation are vital to securing that next job.

    And this from a guy with no interest in RP.



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