Outfit Designer — Early Thoughts 3-24-15

Since I couldn’t watch the Friday livestream at work, I was busy this weekend looking for any details that would satiate my appetite, without spoiling anything.   And yes, while cutscenes are not implemented, there are still plenty of things that can be spoiled especially regarding the new planet Ziost.  I may still copy a character over to the PTS server just to test the outfit designer out.

So first a link:  Dulfy’s little preview

Like strongholds, this is a feature I am really looking forward too.  The idea that I can have a particular look, while maintaining best-in-slot stats, where I don’t have to keep removing augments and modifications for a credit sink:  sign me up!

Based on the initial previews, unlocking a new appearance tab is rather easy, and can cost credits or cartel coins, which can unlock the tab for the account as well!  The interface is simple and is rolled into the main character gear screen, with the tabs appearing on the right side.  From the above linked guide, it appears that the first tab is Free, but I am wondering if that is to hold the appearance for the gear the character is actually wearing, or if it can be used for a new appearance.

So the other credit sink in this new feature is every slot that has a piece of equipment added to it, will cost 14k credits, for a total of 7 x 14k = 98k credits.  Currently, what I consider “extra credits”, are being deposited into a guild fund for a flagship, no biggie.  So with all of my characters, possible appearances for them and all, it may be slow at first to unlock and fill tabs, but I know it will happen.

After looking through Tor-Fashion yesterday, I came up with some cool ideas for some of my Republic characters.


  • Interstellar Privateer — business/casual, will look great in cutscene’s since we can’t look badass like Nico Okarr from the Return trailer.
  • Star-forged — I like this as a casual, running around trying to get a job done look
  • Badlands/Mountain Explorer — again, when your riding around just exploring
  • Mantellian Privateer — when you want to get back to your “roots”
  • Theron Shan — semi-formal


  • Stalwart Protector/Forward Recon — something that gives the typical heavy trooper feel
  • Star-forged — again, this is just a cool looking set
  • Badlands/Mountain Explorer — cool set, gives a “light” trooper feel
  • Formal Militant/Saul Karath — “formal” wear, something you would be using when not fighting

Jedi Knight/Consular

  • Humble Hero — very casual
  • Preceptor — classic Jedi look
  • Recovered Hero (Knight) — a look from the Star Wars prequels
  • XoXaan/Exar Kun — great sets both Jedi classes
  • Ceremonial (consular) — when you have to parade around the senate

Obviously, Imperial characters also have a lot of choice that could improve character interaction or whatever.  Definitely see sets like Exar Kun, Revan Reborn, and Eradicator for example being great for both Sith classes, depending on how you want to play them.  There are several good looking sets for bounty hunters that give the Bossch or Boba Fett feels.  And of course, there are some great sets for Imperial Agents.

And again, the best part, especially in the elder game portion, while the devs and designers want to have a bunch of these funky or silly looking outfits for commendations, the players can have their desired look that doesn’t make them feel weird, and doesn’t cost a credit moving modifications back and forth.

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