Update 03-29-15

  • With the sneaky Double XP weekend, I was able to get a Sniper I had recently created through Tatooine, Alderaan, and all of the chapter planets.  It was funny, because when the event was announced, I was thinking about finishing up the Shadow I had been slowly working on.  However, I wanted to work on the Sniper, because once maxed I can turn Terra’lia into an Operative healer for guild stuff.  Just have to get good at healing now.  There will be new profiles for the Shadow and Sniper posted soon.
  • With the Master’s Shadow Pack finally being released, I was able to get 2 Republic storage units and a Jet pack out of a single hyper-crate.  Still not real sure where I want to put the storage units as the design could be used for the Imperial and Republic headquarters I have created.
  • Still waiting on Gree Light Pillar (Blue) to be fixed so I hopefully can place the ones I got after the last Gree event.
  • I’ve been buying items to complete some possible outfits for different characters.
  • I have been doing some major inventory management, trying to make sure that some space on each character is being used for the legacy, namely to hold materials and equipment.
  • I am still working on getting the stronghold updates put together for Nar Shadaa and Tatooine.


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