Update 4-28-15

I’ve been working on getting some posts put together, namely the new characters I have created.  Its taking a little longer because what I had written down in each case, was actually contradicting some of their history, especially when it came to my already established characters.

I have also been hard at work on improving my strongholds.  I still have to get the Tatooine and Nar Shadaa posts put together, but there has been some moving around and changes there.  The news of a Yavin stronghold peaked my interest during the Celebration livestream.  I am wondering though, if we get an automatic unlock for a fifth stronghold, do we have to buy the unlock, or are we still stuck with just four strongholds and have to remove one to be able to get the Yavin one.  Hopefully its the first statement, and we just get five strongholds now.  I have an idea for it, regarding a science and archaeology outpost.

I put together some outfit pics for a few of my characters, including one of the new guys.  Unfortunately, some of the pics didn’t save correctly, so there are open spots where an outfit should be.  Going to be doing this for each of my characters, and may be repeating these in future character update posts.



  • Wearing: Yavin Targeters with Augments
  • Interstellar Privateer
  • Tionese Field-Tech
  • Black Market Targeter
  • Lando Calrissian (Arkan’s Armor) –  want to dye but not sure what color
  • Star Forager



  • Wearing: Yavin Boltblaster with Augments
  • Clandestine Officer — thinking of dyeing red/white, blue/white, or some other white style for Republic
  • General’s Jacket, with Republic Trooper pieces in other slots
  • Outcast armor
  • Alliance Boltblaster
  • Turncoat — used for infiltration, but thinking of dyeing it



  • Wearing: Yavin Bulwarks with augments
  • Exar Kun, dyed white — what I leveled him in.
  • Alliance Bulwarks



  • Wearing: Yavin Targeter’s with augments
  • Alliance Targeter’s
  • Classic Spymasters, with Red-Efficiency Scanner
  • Clandestine Officer, thinking of dyeing with a Red primary/secondary
  • Subversive



  • Wearing: Yavin Force-Lord’s with augments
  • Eradicator’s with Kallig’s Countenance
  • Alliance Force-Lord’s
  • Matriarchal, dyed with a Purple/Black



  • Alliance Targeter’s with augments
  • Classic Spymaster
  • Star Forager
  • Yavin Targeter’s
  • Turncoat
  • Clandestine Officer

** 05/01/15 Updated with full outfit pictures **

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One Response to Update 4-28-15

  1. mhorgrim says:

    Nice work here. It’s nice to see people get immersive with their game avatars. I haven’t messed with the new designer program yet, but I like Damios as he is for the time being.


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