SWTOR Strongholds — Decoration Ideas #2

So with some of the recent leveling and what not, I’ve accumulated a few more decoration ideas that have existing assets in the game.

Screenshot_2015-03-08_12_12_39_076076Computer terminal found on the Agent’s ship


Screenshot_2015-03-08_12_15_15_105520Another computer found on the Agent’s ship


Screenshot_2015-03-10_21_44_23_605163Czerka Corporation computer — it looks different enough from the Republic one


Screenshot_2015-03-21_12_14_24_653124Traveling sales pod from Yavin.  This is also used by the Security Token vendor


Screenshot_2015-04-03_13_57_49_616701Not sure what type of computer terminal this is, but it looks pretty cool for a Small hook


Screenshot_2015-04-04_17_09_55_624129Upon careful inspection when I first noticed this, this looks like a combination of the Imperial Power Transformer and two large capacitors.


Screenshot_2015-04-19_11_55_33_462495Generator of some sort on Belsavis I believe


Screenshot_2015-04-19_11_55_50_349931Voss version of cargo containers.


Screenshot_2015-04-19_11_57_19_600304Voss light post


Screenshot_2015-04-19_11_57_35_750141Basic Stronghold shelf #2 — more stuff!


Screenshot_2015-04-19_11_58_02_981613Ammunition containers from a Corellia quest I believe



Screenshot_2015-04-19_11_58_11_814519Portable(?) Bunk Bed unit — reminiscent of submarine racks



Screenshot_2015-04-19_12_47_24_913919Voss banners and meditation altar



Screenshot_2015-04-19_17_49_49_585460Screenshot_2015-04-19_17_50_04_309928Saw these hanging on a wall and thought it would be cool.  Again, things like this can give some extra dimension to flat walls.

Screenshot_2015-04-19_17_50_12_534931Things like this, the giant spool of cable, and the smaller units found in the hangars would be great for filling out places the Tatooine hangar.  Of course, Starship hooks with smaller internal hooks similar to the Large hook type would be cool for placing things like this near.

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One Response to SWTOR Strongholds — Decoration Ideas #2

  1. mhorgrim says:

    Cool ideas, I like where you are going with this!


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