SWTOR Update 11-16-15

Wow, had to remove the cobwebs from this blog, in order just to post here!  yes its been awhile since the last post, alot of real life intervened during this time, most of it centered around work chaos, but I have been able to get back into the groove, especially with a new expansion having been released.

And the first thing I will say about Knights of the Fallen Empire, is that I love the story so far.  I haven’t gotten to play through with multiple characters yet, primarily due to the fact you are separated from your original story companions.  I was able to move through the story content over a few days, which was hard as it is, because I just didn’t want to logout, I thought it was that good.  There was several little spots through the first 9 chapters, homage’s of sorts, that allowed me to laugh, or chuckle, or give the “I see what you did there Bioware” grin to, that made the experience enjoyable.

I was able over this weekend to finally complete the last HEROIC Star Fortress mission I needed for those achievements and decorations (which I can’t use), and still have several paladins to kill for those achievements.  I was also able to get my Alliance leaders up to level 10, so I can go for the buff achievement and decorations.  And of course, on Wednesday last week I was able to secure the services of Dr. Lokin, and had some fun doing the Rakghoul event again.

I have also enjoyed the 4.0 changes for the most part.  I’ve started up a couple of new characters with the intent to see how a playthrough now is streamlined, and boy can I say its alot better.  Having used the 12xp opportunities when they were available, I could see a better approach taken with the new, especially since there was so much content there that wasn’t necessary to do under 12xp.  I’m enjoying the level synching as well, even though it has lead to some interesting scenarios regarding some bosses who are found on starter or core worlds in later chapters.  But some of these are actually easy to explain based on in-game lore.  For example, I just finished a light-side Inquisitor last night, with the Darth Thanaton fight taking place on Korriban, max level is 12.  Obviously with level synch there, I came in with my slightly “over-leveled” 58 sorceror, scaled to 12 and it took about 2 minutes for the fight.  But that was okay.  You’ve beaten Darth Thanton once on Corellia, his power for the most part has faded, so what happens on Korriban should be rather easy.

So yeah, back to the leveling experience, its really better now.  I still have issues with how some of the planet missions are setup, because there still is alot of back and forth travel that I still find unnecessary, especially if it keeps you one zone for a longer period of time.  So the ones I have been skipping around on, I have been using H2+’s to keep the experience train a rolling, and that has been a great thing.  Its been great meeting new people who are either doing these for Alliance or like me, wanting to get some extra xp without having to do some planet story missions.  So yay level synch!

On a sidenote, I don’t know who from Bioware has been reading the decoration posts here or on the forums, but thank you for the new Rakata stuff!  Even if some of the hook choices for these and alot of the KotFE decorations do not make sense now, the good thing is that they do exist at least.  But seriously, fix the hook assignments.  10 sun machine reactors and I can only place one where it makes sense, because of the starship hook assignment.  And I’m not happy with not being able to put the Rakata computer terminal near a wall like you have all over Belsavis!  Because of the new Rakata stuff, I had to deactivate the Dromund Kaas because Yavin made so much more sense as place to put those items, but I’m okay with that.

So anyway, hopefully by the end of the year I will have some new character bio’s up, give some head-canon for changes to existing characters, and get some stronghold pictures up.

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