Exploration and the Future

I was on vacation last week, and got to play alot of SWTOR in-between various errands and activities I had to get accomplished.  I had started a new trooper to play around with the assault specialist spec, and a funny thing happened while I was running around Coruscant: I started to explore again.  I remember my first time there, almost 4 years ago, exploring every nook and cranny trying to see if there were secrets or cool places that could be reached to take a screenshot.  The problem though, was that I was having a hard time remembering if something actually existed in game, or if I was remembering it differently.

Case in point:  After talking with Lt. Jaxo the first time, there is another room there with an elevator and usually a droid mob.  Does that elevator work?  Does it have a phased control point?  I remember going into an elevator at some point, and exploring a small area with some jumps, and when you get to the end, there was a gold mob and a security chest.

This got me thinking about some discussions in my first SWTOR guild regarding exploration and how future content was going to be executed.  Several of our members were dead-set on the idea they would never be coming back to previous worlds in expansions.  Others, including myself were convinced otherwise, because we could see the possibility of adding a new area using a phased elevator or a now opened doorway, or even a new flight path.  The great thing is you can see this now with the Nar Shadaa Star Fortress bunker being seamlessly put into area where it still makes sense.

While they have streamlined the leveling process alot in 4.0, I still find myself going off the beaten and looking around, not because I need to turn in those 20 rakghoul skulls i just cracked, but for the thrill of exploration.  Yes there are invisible walls everywhere, but you can still find some really could places.

What if we had future expansions or updates, that had content that had some connection to what was being released, but its primary purpose was just for lore.  Would anyone else like to explore the lowest levels of Coruscant where there still may be some actual fauna connected to the planets past before it became an ecumenopolis?  Or walking around one of the giant pyramids on Yavin searching for relics from the lost Sith lord Exar Kun.

My hope is that Bioware will continue to add new places to older content locations, because it makes sense to continue to flesh out these planets, its what the fans want.


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