Thoughts on Conquest and Guild Flagships

Before the Galactic Strongholds update was released, I had spent some time trying to put together a few ideas that I thought would be a better solution, to problems I saw with a few of the features.  That blog post never materialized however, but I did keep most of the notes.  In an effort to not make this into another “whiny” post, I tried to fit my ideas in with the current implementation, but also wanted some leeway for changes that I still believe could make.

A portion of this post was also made before the 4.0 conquest changes, where personal totals were adjusted for different conquest weeks.

  • Guild Flagships should be available in 3 tiers that would allow all types of guilds to participate in Conquest.
    • Using Star Wars Episode 4-6 ships for a reference, a small guild could purchase a Corellian Blockade Runner (Tantive IV) for 10 million credits.  A medium size guild could purchase the medical frigate style from Episode 5 & 6 for 25 million.  A large guild could purchase what we currently have for 50 million.
    • An option will be present so that if the small or medium guilds want to trade up at some point, ie they have recruited more members, then they can for the price difference, 15 million to go from small to medium, and 25 million to go from medium to large.  This way, the same amount of credits are still being used for purchase.
  • Guilds need some way to unlock the use of additional hooks for a reasonable fee.
  • Get rid of the legacy conquest objective limit, for those items that can only be done once anyway.  It doesn’t make sense that I can only kill General So-And-So only once during a particular conquest.  If it has to be this way for some reason, then make sure the entire legacy gets points for it, which is something I am not seeing now.
  • I’ve recently seen this on the forum, introduce [Weekly] Conquest objectives for some of the objectives.
    • I know people complain about using crafting for example as the sole way to get individual conquest points.  While I can see all sides of the arguments as presented, if there were crafting, GSF, flashpoint weeklies or dailies, with reasonable rewards and goals then everyone can still participate in the content that they enjoy, without having to give up on other areas.
      • For example, a crafting [Daily] Crafting: War Supplies, same as the existing conquest objective, but you only need 5 items for a total of 1000 conquest points.  With 6 days possible, not taking into account stronghold bonus, 6000 conquest points per character could be earned here.
      • In addition for crafting, keep the existing Crafting: Invasion Force objective for 2000 conquest points, because again its only the one time award but per character.
  • I believe the event based Conquest weeks should have more objectives related to that event.
    • For example, Bounty Contract Week, has a repeatable objective tied to the [WEEKLY] Kingpin mission, worth 1000 conquest points to the planet the kingpin is on.
    • The [DAILY] mission to take down a henchman has a repeatable objective worth 500 conquest points on their respective planet.
  • I would like to see at least 4 or 5 exotic isotope stabilizer’s added to the personal conquest reward.  The thinking here is simple, for those who are not in guilds that have full pushes for their members to participate in conquest, they can still work on getting the items required to make Dark Projects, which can then be converted to frameworks.
  • I would like to see a [Heroic] focus for each conquest week, especially since people are doings these for the Alliance stuff, as a second benefit for doing them.

I am interested to see what the forthcoming crafting changes mentioned with the 4.0.3 update, will have on Conquest.  I still like participating, especially with the crafting focus weeks, but would like to see some additional changes that would give the additional rewards sand benefits to participation.  It still feels like there is some things that could help resurrect Conquest to the level it was at when it launched.

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