Update 12-22-2015

Decided to make a quick update of things that have been going on in SWTOR.  While I’m not going to be able to play much for around Christmas, I am off work next week, and have lots I want to accomplish, especially some new posts for this blog!

  • For the past 3 weeks I have been trying to get the Datacron master achievements done.  I was having lots of trouble with the first Republic one on Corellia, kept failing on that last jump and having to start all over.  It can be very discouraging, and brought back the same disgusted feeling from previous attempts on these jump puzzles over the last 4 years.  But I was able to see some cool exploration sites on Corellia, Voss, and Belsavis, so it made up for it.  I finally finished the achievements up last night, and place my 8 new datacron displays.  I even spent the credits to unlock 2 of each display for the guild.
  • I finally got Hylo Visz to rank 20 this weekend on Taelitha which had me rather happy.  Now all of my smuggled goods crates will go to Lo’Keth, to start my Imperial side alliance.
  • I have been working on getting several characters leveled to 65 which has been generally easy using the level 61+ heroics that give out the Alliance crates.  For the ones needing to get from 55 to 61, I have been doing some Makeb or Shadow of Revan stuff, but if I have been able to get into good Tactical groups, because the flashpoints can get you 2 or 3 levels easy.
  • I have been working on Lo’Keths alliance stuff, doing the bunkers, the solo versions of the Star Fortresses, and just 2 of the Heroic Star Fortresses.
  • While my strongholds have been at 100% for a few months, I am still working on getting them fixed, so that the filler stuff is being replaced.
  • With the Black Friday sale in November, I was able to get some silver armor boxes, and able to unlock several new armor sets.  Now throw in some of the armor sets from the new packs, and you have some cool pieces that can make great outfits.  So I have been unlocking slots and setting up outfits on different characters that make sense for them.  I am hoping to get a few of these put together and explained, why I was choosing them for the specific characters.
  • While the crafted armors are considered inferior, or not required because of the crates being given out for Heroics while leveling, I have been trying to get the purple versions of the new adaptive armor.  Why?  Because several of the new armors look pretty cool.  I am still looking to get viable, craftable replacements for some of the stuff I have that is currently taking up cargo space.


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