Stronghold Decoration Ideas #3

Hey Bioware, here are some more ideas for things that are in the game, that we would like to see as decorations for our strongholds.  A quick shout out though:  again thank you for the Rakata stuff that can be purchased, and glad the large ammo container is now available as well!

So I want to start this idea post off with something that I’ve been thinking about for a couple of months now.  There has been a suggestion on the forums and elsewhere for a table that you could put things on like a stack of books or holocrons or whatever.  So what I thought would be cool, is that certain items could have connection points that would allow certain other smaller items to be attached.  For example, I have been seeing new uses for computers, terminals, monitors, etc… where a smaller item is made a part of the base object, there by creating a new looking decoration.  While its definitely possible to hook this into the cartel market, especially the unlocking of connection slots, it would be better to tie it into the crafting.  For example, you purchase the base computer terminal for 3 Universal Mk1 containers, and it has 1 connection lot.  Or you buy a larger base computer unit for 3 Universal Mk3 containers, and it has 3 or 4 connection slots.  I may go into this further with some diagrams and pictures, but lets look at the decoration ideas.


I have seen this circular terminal in several places, like the Maelstrom (above), the Czerka flashpoints, or in the Manaan flashpoint.


A stacked generator from somewhere.  Again, its things like this that would make garages, hangars or engineering sections better.


This of course is the Noetikon terminal from the Jedi Consular story on Coruscant.  I like how it uses the holonode and the holo-display table.  It would be cool if it was interactive as well, with a brief channeled display of 3 holograms, that are random, from maybe 18 to 21 possible images, that already exist in the assests!


This is a wall unit, I believe from a Tatooine quest, or the SoR quest to request Theron Shan.


Not sure where this was taken, but I like the symmetrical feel of this wall locker or door.


While we did finally get some Rakata decorations that are really cool, it would still be great to have things like the above, a working Rakata terminal that doesn’t have the statue attached to it.


Weapon display from Scion area in the KotFE story area on Asylum.  we have gotten some smaller displays or holders for weapons, but a large wall display like this would be cool as well.


I thought I had put these light posts or whatever they are in one of the first 2 decoration posts, but didn’t see it.  Again, if they’re all over the place, they need to be a decoration that can be purchased as a basic decoration or from the fabrication droids.


While its great to see the missile carrier in the latest cartel pack, this supply carrier is also needed.  It could come in different designs as well, and should be purchasable:  empty, with ammo canisters, kolto tanks, etc…


Lab table from the Manaan flashpoint.  Really need some of these research type tables with stuff on them!


Finally, these containers from several of the KotFE areas.  Needs to be in singles, stacked, etc… like the other containers, and purchasable from the basic decoration vendor.

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