Stronghold Decoration Ideas #4

Once again, some more stronghold decoration ideas and thoughts.

To begin, this thread on the Strongholds forum is asking for either a large personal starship or a space station as a new stronghold.  The reasoning is sound, because several of the current decorations or hook layouts are not suited for the existing strongholds.  For example, there are only 5 starship hooks available (Yavin x2, Tatooine x2, Nar Shadaa x1), but we get 10 sun reactor machines from the KotFE paladin achievement.  Where do I put them?  Why does a valuable starship hook have to be used for these things, which should’ve been centerpiece decorations?  Imagine an engineering section on your personal cruiser or space station, with 4 to 6 massive/starship hooks!  Its brilliant!  An area that actually looks like it should have these sun reactors!  I’ve run into a similar problem with the stasis pods, because they require a large hook.  I’ve tried to use them in my Coruscant or Tatooine strongholds, but they stick out like a sore thumb.  Do not get me wrong, I love that decorations are dropping in the Star Fortress flashpoints, I think more decorations should drop from other flashpoints as well!  If the intention of some of these large decorations was geared more toward guild flagships, I can understand a little.  But the fact that they have some weird binding issues doesn’t fully support that.

Anyway, on to more ideas!


This is a weird artifact/table thing from some class mission.  I can’t remember the location, or what class story it was from.


A really cool throne from Voss I believe.  Just can’t remember what class story or mission.


A really cool sarcophagus, that appears to be a combination of two other artifacts.


A really cool container or computer thing, from the Maelstrom flashpoint.


A medium size reactor from one of the Taris heroics.


In the previous decoration post, I mentioned the computers that had different pieces connected to them, that made them look different enough that a cool new decoration was created.  This is one of those computer decorations.


Here’s another of those cool combo-computer decorations.


A basic decoration found on several walls, probably an environmental control unit.


I know this is from the final Sith Inquisitor mission on Dromund Kaas.  We really do need one of these interactive galaxy map terminals.  Maybe one that can go from a solar system display, to full galaxy display.


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2 Responses to Stronghold Decoration Ideas #4

  1. Shintar says:

    That throne’s already available as a furniture piece, just with different coloured highlights: Dreadful Throne 🙂


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