4.1 Cartel Market Changes are Crap

I have tried to keep my thoughts on SWTOR positive for this blog, giving constructive criticism in those places I could have just been negative.  However, yesterdays post regarding changes coming to Cartel Market packs has just left me dumb-founded.

When I go to purchase a pack or hyper-crate of the current Cartel Market packs, I am doing so to collect items associated with that current shipment.  I do not want a chance to get some item from a previous shipment or even the current shipment!  This Grand Chance Cube is now taking up a spot for a guaranteed item from the current shipment!  This is ridiculous!  There is already a gamble taking place with the pack, so now as others have mocked in the official forums, on reddit, on twitter:  There is gambling in my gambling pack.

On top of this, they are removing the bronze type items because they can’t focus any time on them, so everything is going silver or gold.  That part is great actually.  The fact that all future collection unlock costs will either be 240CC or 400CC is not.  I guess if they won’t be making money on people buying lots of these new gambling-inception packs, they will get their extra money from unlock fee’s on items that shouldn’t be 240 or 400CC’s.

I still don’t fully understand the reason why their pre-4.0 ideas for changes to the Cartel Market were wrong based on their current vision, it hasn’t really been explained.  Oh there has been double-talk and rambling in their last two Cartel Market change posts, but when @swtoreconomics calls you out on your BS reasons, you can bet alot of your customers are feeling the same way.

I for one liked the BSG packs because it allowed another avenue to obtain previous shipment items with a more defined gambling chance to them.  I’m looking for a gold rank item, I’m going to buy a gold pack for the best chance at that item.  If its not the item I want, I can sell it on the GTN to someone who is looking for that item.  This system is a win for all parties involved.  Bioware/EA gets a large chunk of CC’s paid for the pack, if the item is not something I want, it gets put up for auction and someone else can enjoy that item.

Because I am interested in cool looking strongholds and having the best types of items for display, and I have always been on the lookout for these items.  Unfortunately, some decorations have either been extremely scarce to buy or obtain, and that could be due to people actually using the decoration, or in some cases, selling it for alot of credits.  So basic economics and what someone will pay for an item comes into play.  I was actually making an investment in silver and gold decoration packs after they were introduced, because this was the best route for me to try and get some of these older items.

When Bioware decided to remove the BSG packs, it left many of us bewildered, especially since the pre-4.0 Cartel Market changes post made mention of the fact that these packs were meant to be permanent.  Removal of these packs removed an avenue for obtaining these items again, especially since it seemed the people looking for older decorations were either using them or buying them quickly from the GTN.  I actually experienced this, and was happy to see stuff sell quickly by GTN standards — there was only a couple of items i had to relist, and that I believe was due to the GTN listing bug where some items couldn’t be searched for.

So anyway, regarding these new pack changes, I will more than likely not be purchasing them on release.  The armors and decorations I want will be purchased off the GTN, hopefully for reasonable prices.  If I want to take the gamble on a pack in hopes to complete a armor set or get a decoration, I will be buying the pack off the GTN.  Until these horrible changes are undone, I will not be using Cartel Coins for purchasing the latest gambling-inception packs.


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