Character Profile: Oba’Seth


  • Pure-blood Sith Male
  • Sith Inquisitor – Sorcerer (58)


Oba’seth was born on Korriban to former Sith Academy instructors.  In order to protect his identity from potential enemies, the couple sent their son to be raised by relatives, who were slaves to an Imperial mayor on Ziost.  While the relatives brought Oba’seth up as a slave, they also made sure he knew that one day he would leave and pursue greater things.  When an overloaded lift toppled over onto some slaves including his adopted father, Oba’seth’s use of the Force did not go unnoticed by on-lookers, including a female Zabrak named Bezlaira, who was looking for Sith Academy recruits.

Bezlaira trained Oba’seth for a month in basic hand-to-hand combat and sword techniques, before sending him to the Sith Academy on Korriban.  While Oba’seth was not a model student at the Academy, or one that wallowed in the politics and deception of the Academy life, he did excel during his studies of Force techniques, which brought him to the attention of a couple of Darth’s looking for new apprentice’s.  During a test of his abilities, Darth Morak sent Oba’seth to an archaeological dig in the Valley of the Dark Lords to kill two former instructors who were selling Sith artifacts on the black market.  After striking down the male archaeologist, he turned to do the same to the female, who had a brief moment of knowing who this was, before being electrocuted.

Its unknown whether Darth Morak had known these individuals were Oba’seth’s parents, or if they were just enemies who needed to be dealt with.  Oba’seth would never know that he accidentally had killed his parents.


I tried to play Oba’seth as a loyal Sith, up until the point his master wanted to take over his body.  Even after the first chapter, I was trying to play him as neutral as possible, not playing the Sith games, not getting into all of the scheming and such, and still walked away with the Darth Imperius title at the end of his class story.

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