Character Profile: Sabin’gor


  • Togruta Male
  • Bounty Hunter – Powertech (36)


Sabin’gor was born in a village in the jungles of Dromund Kaas to a hunter named Gor’Luth.  The village was a safe area free of Sith or humans who tended to stay away, locked in their fortified cities.  Sabin’gor showed a proficiency for hunting, especially the art of tracking ones prey.  During his early adulthood, an injured Ithorian bounty hunter stumbled into Sabin’gor’s village.  The Ithorian had been hunting an Imperial who was believed to be a Republic spy, but he had lost the bounty in the jungle.  For nothing more than the challenge, Sabin’gor took up the hunt for the spy, and within two days had captured him cowering in a cave.  The thrill of this hunt excited Sabin’gor and he shortly left his village for Kaas City to seek employment as a bounty hunter.


I have been playing Sabin’gor as a loyal Imperial character, primarily because he doesn’t want to lose his independence as a bounty hunter.  He believes that going after the wrong prey, or not doing what the contracts ask of him, will bring him to the attention of the Sith or Imperials, and he knows how much they hate aliens.

Sabin’gor originally started out as a Jedi Shadow, but I hated the way the class played, so I re-rolled him, first as a new Guardian, and then as a Bounty Hunter.

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