Character Profile: Lo’keth


  • Cyborg Male
  • Imperial Agent – Sniper (65)


Much of Lo’keth’s background is a mystery.  There are records of him being a part of anti-Republic protests on Coruscant and Alderaan, but witness descriptions are also confusing regarding actions being taken.  The reality is Lo’keth is an Imperial citizen, who fled Dromund Kaas after a power-hungry Sith killed his father for speaking against him.  However, the Republic was no better, especially what he considered a corrupt and oppressive Senate who was letting gangs run the portion of the ecumenopolis he called home.  An SIS agent investigating some local business owners ran into Lo’keth, realized he could be an Imperial spy, and arrested him.  While the charges were dropped and Lo’keth was freed, he realized he was now on the SIS watch-list and could no longer live there.

After some brief stays on Alderaan, Nar Shadaa, Rishi, and Manaan, Lo’keth made his way back to his home world.  Somehow he ended up working for Imperial Intelligence, and quickly moved up the ranks.  However, he noticed Sith manipulation within the organization and has been fighting its affects ever since.


I am playing Lo’keth as a subversive fighting the Sith corruption from the inside of Imperial Intelligence.  I’ve been sarcastic and uncivil when dealing with Darth Jadus and Darth Zhorrid, which has gotten him shocked at least once.  I have been playing him with mostly light-side affection, helping people where he can because like the Republic Senate, he see’s the corruption and power-mongering the Sith bring is just another means of oppression.

It was a real debate what ending to choose for him, as I did everything that would allow being an SIS double-agent, but in the end, felt with his personality, the best thing was to go independent.  That being said, currently he is working with SIS to weed out some Republic and Imperial individuals who are working to unravel the Alliance against the Eternal Empire.

I have so far loved the play of the Sniper, because it allows me to stay away from the main action while contributing with AoE’s, snipes, and orbital bombardments.

Lo’keth is the second character I’ve taken through the KotFE storyline, mainly because more Agent companions have been added than other classes.  His interactions with Dr. Lokin were good, but the reunion dialogue with Scorpio during that chapter was excellent.  I am definitely looking forward to his interaction with Kaliyo in Chapter 10.

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