Character Profile: Jar’iss


  • Chiss Male
  • Trooper – Vanguard (65)


Jar’iss was born on Alderaan, and lived in Jarunno.  His mother was a synthweaver, his father left them when he was young.  During the battle of Alderaan, artillery and orbital bombardment ravaged the city, severely injuring his mother.  Attempts to get help from Imperials were met with resistance because he was still alien, despite the Chiss-Imperial alliance.  However, while the Imperials retreated from the town, Republic forces were moving in, and found the young Jar’iss cradling his mother who was barely alive.  While they tried everything to save her, the injuries were just too much.  Years later, he would join the Republic army because they were the ones who at least tried to help his mother.


Jar’iss is somewhat stubborn, and can be less than tactful especially with authority figures, but he is always looking for the good in people, rather than dwelling on the bad.  This optimistic attitude has been detrimental to his army service, as some superiors see him as a daydreamer and not overly committed to whatever task he is doing.

For the purpose of my head canon, to play well with Rydilia’s story and Havoc Squad, I have been mentally inserting the name Thunder Squad into conversations.  Thunder Squad is a group of soldiers, who’s purpose is to subvert activity from Separatist’s, originally on Ord Mantell.

While I had some fun playing through as a Guardian and Juggernaut, I wanted to see what tanking was like on a Trooper.  Jar’iss was actually created a couple of days after the first 12x XP event had started, but I left him after completing chapter 1.  I was happy to finish his story up after the 4.0 changes that stream lined leveling.  The thing that struck me about playing as a Vanguard, was that it seemed more fluid to actually act like a tank., I wasn’t fighting the mechanics.

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