Character Profile: Es’kota


  • Mirialan Female
  • Sith Inquisitor – Sorcerer (36)


Sometime after the Jedi Order moved back to Ossus, two groups of Jedi formed in secret, with an aim to understand both sides of the Force.  The first group, the Sons of Rajavari, were interested in a balanced way to approach combat, using both sides of the Force for offense and defense.  The other group, the Daughters of Maravada, were formed based on Jedi history, to see the knowledge and understanding of both sides of the Force.

Es’kota was born into the Daughters of Maravada through her mother, Kem’tura, and was raised on Ossus.  While most of the Jedi teachings and historical artifacts were preserved nicely, it wasn’t so for the Sith artifacts.  In fact, most of the artifacts kept in the Jedi Temple on Ossus were either damaged, or locked away because they were too dangerous.  Because she believed that not all Sith artifacts were evil by design, that they had to have some history that wasn’t deemed taboo by the Jedi order, Es’kota started to search for these artifacts and teachings.  After a few months, Es’kota stumbled upon a Sith Academy instructor who was searching for a new apprentice, who liked the ideal and search for knowledge Es’kota displayed.  The instructor worked to manipulate some records on Es’kota’s origins and proceeded to put her into the next recruitment class for the Sith Academy on Korriban.

While time among the Sith has not been without issue, Es’kota has found it easier with her balanced knowledge of the Force.  Between her time at the Academy, and time with her new master, she has been able to research lots of new artifacts and writings that she hopes to be able to pass onto the Daughters one day.


Es’kota was created with the sole purpose of trying to get the Darth Occulus title.  The actual attempt to be purely neutral intrigued me, and gave me an opportunity to come up with a back story for her that would make sense.  Its actually been fun to play through with her, picking the Dark or Light choices based on what the situation would entail.

One thing that I realized was how the Inquisitor’s first chapter proceeds, can be rather frustrating in regards to the plot.  At several points you have dialogue options that you would expect should give you a hint into what Zash is planning, and yet the conversations don’t really pan out.  There are several points you just want to scream at Zash, “Why do you want me to become powerful?  Its not the Sith way to help someone else!”

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