Character Updates #1

I decided to make a post for updates on characters with a previous profile.


  • Taelitha
  • Human Female
  • Smuggler – Gunslinger (65)
  • Original Post

Taelitha is still my main character, and was the first to complete the KotFE storyline.  I tried to do as much as possible with her, which included conquering star fortress achievements, as well as bounty and Gree achievements.

Head-canon:  Taelitha has been actively engaged with the Alliance against the Eternal Empire, actively looking for and recruiting potential leaders and fighters for the war.  That being said, she is still on the look out for her old comrades and any new business opportunities that may come up.


While I haven’t taken Rydilia through KotFE yet, I have been using her for things like Alliance supply crates, bounty hunts, Gree event, and such.

Head canon: Rydilia has been engaged with operations in the Core Worlds trying to bring back order in the wake of the Eternal Empire attacks.  During a battle on Ord Mantel, Rydilia lost her left eye and augmentations.  She is currently on medical leave, with Captain Elara Dorn taking over leadership of Havoc Squad temporarily.


  • Ciletha
  • Mirialan Female
  • Jedi Consular – Sage (65)
  • Original Post

Like Rydilia, I haven’t taken Ciletha through KotFE yet, but have been doing other things with her to keep her busy, including trying to heal in some SM operations and such.

Head-Canon: When the Eternal Empire attacked several Core Worlds during their invasion, the Jedi Order attempted to provide aid and assistance to the citizens of these worlds.  However, the Zakuul knights made every attempt to kill or imprison anyone who didn’t bow to their new emperor or who threatened the “law and order” they had created.  Ciletha is currently in hiding on Alderaan, waiting for new orders, and training new force-sensitives in whatever capacity she can.


  • Sevathia
  • Sith Pure-blood Female
  • Sith Inquisitor – Sorcerer (65)
  • Original Post

I haven’t taken a Force user through KotFE yet, but with Sevathia’s personality, it would give me opportunities for certain choice events to see what happens.  I just need a day to set aside to do it though sense the story is rather good at keeping you hooked.

Head-Canon:  The whereabouts of Darth Nox are unknown.  Before the attack on Dromund Kaas by the Eternal Empire, rumors in the Dark Council suggest she was working with Darth Marr on a project involving something with the elusive Emperor, although the rumors never made mention of what exactly.


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