Character Profile: Braulmahta


  • Sith Pure-blood Male
  • Jedi Knight – Guardian(25)


Braulmahta is the illegitimate son of Sevathia and an unknown lover.  Sometime after taking up the mantle of Darth Nox, Sevathia was involved with someone who later ended up dead at the hands of one of her rivals on the Dark Council.  Worried about her power-base, after giving birth to the child, she left him at the Sith Temple on Ziost to be raised.  While still young, a group of Sith instructors and children were headed for Yavin 4 to explore the Massassi ruins when their spacecraft was attacked by Trandoshan slavers.  The instructors were all killed, and the young Sith pupils were chained and beaten before taking them aboard the Trandoshan spacecraft.

For over a year, the young Sith were sold to different individuals, with Braulmahta being sent to an unnamed Hutt on Nar Shaddaa.  However, this new captivity was short-lived as Republic troopers were looking to shut down slave networks in the Corellian sector of the moon under Senate mandate.  Because of his appearance, and not knowing how to handle a Sith in their custody, they gave him to the care of the Jedi on Coruscant, who began training him.

Training was rough however, either due to the previous Sith teachings still being present in his mind, or the snickers and laughs from other students.  Several times Braulmahta found himself being disciplined by one teacher or another.  Braulmahta worked through these challenges and emerged ready to take on the Jedi trials with a determination none of the other pupils had.


I have played Braulmahta as a cocky Jedi pupil, with a passion for obtaining knowledge and power, which should scare his Jedi masters.  There were several times in the Prologue that allowed for replies to be downright opposite of what a true Jedi would do, and yet the people, even Jedi masters would seem to shrug off the response and move on, which seems a waste of some decent dialogue tree options.

While I am still looking to finish his story and all, currently he acts as my storage for the old Republic class equipment found in the Alliance crates.

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