Character Profile: Ethalus


  • Rattataki Male
  • Smuggler – Gunslinger (45)


Ethalus was born to Navirra and Puzh, a Rattataki couple and former members of the Barithor Guild.  Ethalus was raised on Nar Shadaa where his father worked in sewage maintenance, and his mother was a bartender at Club Vertica.  Because of his rather meager upbringing, Ethalus was always daydreaming about adventures off the Smugglers Moon.

When Ethalus was a teenager, his father allowed him to be a pet caretaker for Drooga the Hutt’s traveling party.  It was there that Ethalus met the Rodian smuggler Vingh Gardo, and shortly thereafter joined his crew.  Being a member of Gardo’s crew allowed the young Ethalus to see both sides of the smuggling spectrum, from spice and stims, to slave trafficking for several Hutts, to relief supplies for war torn planets like Balmorra.

Several years later, Ethalus and the gang were searching for new starships to add to their group.  While searching some junkers floating near Hoth, Ethalus found a small freighter with some charm to it, and started smuggling some solo operations.


I have been playing Ethalus as a shrewd captain, who’s only concern is mainly his own life, his ship, and profit.  He will take jobs from either side, just as long as the pay is good and the possibility of death is minimal.  While I am not playing him to be a full-on dark side maniac, I have been trying to pick options that would be selfish or self-serving, unless the situation would go against his own moral compass, harming kids for example.


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