Character Profile: Valtharus


  • Cyborg Male
  • Imperial Agent – Sniper (65)


Valtharus was born to a wealthy Imperial governor on Ziost.  With a silver spoon in his mouth, Valtharus was afforded all of the good things in life, including a valued education in the Imperial Navy where he made some headway moving up the ranks.  However, his short-sighted father messed up, getting caught up in a scheme to kill another Ziost governor.  Valtharus was removed from the Imperial Navy, after which he became an alcoholic and a drifter.  It was during this time that Imperial Intelligence came calling, looking for someone they could mold into a good agent with some ties into the Ziost governing families.


I have wanted to create an agent that would be the exact opposite of the other agents I had created.  One that would be willing to join Darth Jadus, killing millions of people without a second blink, make Keeper beg for mercy, etc…  Unfortunately, when I had created this guy originally, none of that was in my head.  Or it if it was, I had forgotten it since creating this guy early last year.  He was left on the 2nd string of quests on Dromund Kaas, and had become my Cartel Market furniture storage — keeping stuff I either got from packs or wanted to sell when the price was right.  So instead, I’ve been all over the place with his reactions, but have kept a very simple set of rules for him.

I was happy to pickup the Resistance Fighter outfit off the GTN for 10k total.  I’m guessing besides the stupid chance cubes, these armor boxes are still dropping like they were bronze.  Like some of the other recent outfits that seem to be getting panned, this one feels realistic, like if you were living in that galaxy far, far away, you would be wearing it.  And while the default colors are still good, I was looking for something different, which a Black and Dark Brown dye helped supply.

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