Character Profile: Legatus


  • Cathar Male
  • Trooper – Commando (43)


Legatus is the son of Ruthym, a former Cathar war-master who was exiled after a rival clan leader was murdered under suspicious circumstances.  Legatus was raised on Coruscant, where his father had become a Black Sun gang leader.  This allowed Legatus a certain privilege afforded to members of the Black Sun, but it also meant there was a target on his back.  When a prominent senator was found murdered in the Black Sun District, Coruscant police and Republic military scoured the area, triggering riots and destruction that engulfed the whole area.  Legatus’ parents were attacked and killed during the riots by Black Sun gang members that was part of a personal vendetta.

After several months the violence in the sector was allowed to calm down and things went back to business as usual.  However Legatus, having just lost his parents was no longer happy where his life was, so he joined the Republic military.


I wanted another trooper, one who could go full Assault Specialist from the start in order to see how that discipline played, and I’ve been happy with how it so far.  In regards to personality, he’s been my loyal to a fault soldier.  He’s been the unquestioning opposite of Rydilia, which has been weird to play, but several of the dialogue options I have encountered so far have been interesting.

Originally, this character’s name was Ruutlym, but was still a Cathar trooper.  I was needing some space to keep track of Bind on Legacy stuff that I wasn’t using at the time, but was getting “lost” sitting on other characters.  However, after only a few things had been sent, I decided to re-roll him, and changed his name.  Luckily he had just been through Ord Mantell and nothing else.


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2 Responses to Character Profile: Legatus

  1. Shintar says:

    I like the look of this one, very unusual and distinctive!


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