Character Profile: Ghen’thara


  • Cyborg Female
  • Smuggler – Gunslinger (18)


Shortly after forming the Barithor Guild, Yang’aru recruited a young woman named Ghen’thara who was one of the greatest slicers in the galaxy.  Ghen’thara’s history however is a mystery.  What is known is that the young woman suffered an accident in her youth that left her with scars on her face, and a portion of her brain missing.  The doctors were able to use implants and augmentations to stabilize her, but the amnesia that was caused left the rest of her life a mystery.

For twenty years Ghen’thara stayed with the Barithor Guild, until a chance came to move on and form her own smuggling operation.  She has maintained a strong alliance with Yang’aru and his group, which has allowed her to make contacts throughout the Underworld, which a young smuggler might not have otherwise.

Ghen’thara has made several attempts over the years to try and piece together her life before the accident.  She has made some progress, but is still not sure of who her parents are, any other family ties, or where she was born.  She has been made aware  through this research, that some Imperials have also been inquiring about her history as well.


Ghen’thara was created originally as a crafting material storage.  When she was first created, I had several stacks of items that were primarily being used for conquest crafting, but were beginning to take up space on characters that couldn’t spare the spots really.  That was the case originally, until the first crafting conquest came along and I was having to mail several packages of items back and forth between different characters.  Also, for some reason, I had created her as a Chiss Warrior and had some other idea in mind regarding her, which I believe was dealing with her having a dark side Jaesa, since Kain’haru has a light side Jaesa.  So she was re-rolled because of that.  Now she is storage for different BoE items that have come from several old characters, but I didn’t want those items to just be sold or thrown away just yet.

That being said, I still have plans for her going forward, and looking forward to finishing her story.


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