Character Update #2

Here’s some more character profile updates.


  • Terra’lia
  • Chiss Female
  • Imperial Agent – Operative (60)
  • Original Post

I haven’t had the time so far to get her leveled to 65.  I have been switching her disciplines back and forth between Lethality and Medicine when I have tried to do anything with her, but nothing is feeling right with the play-style.

Head-Canon:  After the attack by the Eternal Empire, Sith Intelligence was disbanded and Terra’lia went into hiding.  While her whereabouts are unknown, SIS chatter has her being chased by a bounty-hunter in the Outer Rim.


  • Yang’aru
  • Cathar Male
  • Smuggler – Gunslinger (65)
  • Original Post

I had fun leveling Yang’aru in the Saboteur spec.  I’ve enjoyed playing with this type of DPS in flashpoints and SM operations, and I can’t put a finger on why exactly.

Head-canon: While the smuggling business has not been great since the Eternal Empire invasion, Yang’aru and the Barithor Guild have managed to stay busy in all of the chaos.  Currently, the gang is flying medical supplies and food around the Inner and Outer Rim to settlements that can’t afford the higher priced stuff from the larger cities.


  • Ashallia
  • Rattataki Female
  • Bounty Hunter – Mercenary (65)
  • Original Post

I have been using Ashallia for different guild stuff, switching between Arsenal and Bodyguard based on the need.

Head-canon: As a high profile bounty hunter, Ashallia has tried everything to stay off of the Republic/Imperial Alliance radar for as long as possible.  She has been using her time to track down her rival using whatever information Mako can give her.  She is currently following leads in the Outer Rim.


  • Arynthia
  • Sith Pure-blood Female
  • Jedi Consular – Sage (65)
  • Original Post

It took the 12x XP event leading into KotFE and 4.0 to get her leveled up, but shes there now.  I was also happy to get the Bastila Shan full armor set from a gold pack, and I think she looks good in it.

Head-canon:  When the Revanite attack on Tython had started, Arynthia was working with Masters Wettle and Muheeda on training materials for newly discovered Force-sensitives.  Shortly after the attack had started, Master Satele Shan and the council decided it might be best if their current library of knowledge was moved to a safe location in case the Temple was compromised or destroyed.  The council ordered Arynthia to take the holocrons and datacubes to the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine.  However, in route to the planet, Arynthia had a violent Force nightmare that showed the Jedi Enclave being taken over and destroyed by knights in gold armor, so she changed course to Ossus and the Jedi Temple there.

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