Character Profile: Khodian


  • Zabrak Male
  • Sith Warrior – Juggernaut (20)


Khodian was born on Ossus, his father was a member of the Sons of Rajivari.  At a young age, Khodian was able to display a measured, focused attack style when training which shocked some of the older instructors.  However, it also brought him to the attention of several Jedi masters who did not know about the Sons of Rajivari or their attempts to teach a neutral Force view.  During one training session in particular, several brief flashes of anger were exhibited when Khodian started to get upset with his opponent, someone who he should have easily beat.  These moments of anger even caught the attention of the visiting Jedi master Oteg, who was giving a lecture to some Jedi knights at the library.

Shortly after this “outburst”, Khodian’s father was approached by other members of the Sons of Rajivari, and it was determined that Khodian would be sent to continue training with other Sons at a secret outpost on Ziost.  It was during his training here, that some of the trainers believed Khodian would best be served gaining some knowledge from the Sith Academy, so they arranged to send him to Korriban.


Khodian was created as my storage for the Imperial class equipment received through the Alliance crates.  I have been wanting to go through the Sith Warrior story again, because I want to try and pick up on the little things that I may have missed previously, as well as create a dark side Jaesa, since Kain’haru has the light side version.

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