Character Profile: Nul’yani


  • Togruta Female
  • Jedi Consular – Sage (43)


Nul’yani was born on the Togruta home world of Shili.  Her parents were merchants, who traveled around the local star system, selling trinkets, jewelry, and other small items.  During a stop on Alderaan, the family was selling items in a bazaar near the Pallista Spaceport, when a brown robed man came running through the area.  The young Nul’yani sensed the man was good and that he was in danger.  When another man in darker robes marched through, Nul’yani channeled the Force and slammed the man into a nearby wall, almost killing him.  The brown robed man noticed, and while happy his pursuer had been knocked back, was also unnerved by who it was that helped him.  The man approached Nul’yani and her family, introduced himself as Cethil’aru, a Jedi knight, and discussed the talents Nul’yani possessed.

For two years Nul’yani trained on Dantooine, but she had problems when dealing with her emotions.  Like the incident with the black robed man, there were times that her emotions would get the better of her, and she would hurt the other students.  After one incident where a fellow student almost lost their life, the Dantooine masters expelled Nul’yani from the Academy, despite the possible danger she could cause others.  And that was when Kain’haru, the dark robed man she had almost killed as a child, approached her.  Kain’haru promised her power and riches if she would become his apprentice, and gave her lessons on how to direct her hatred and anger.  But the training didn’t go as planned, and Kain’haru believed she was not working hard enough at it.

After a few weeks, Cethil’aru tracked down Kain’haru and they began to duel, with Nul’yani watching on.  Kain’haru had the upper-hand however, as he wanted to show Nul’yani what true power was, unleashing his hatred and anger towards his rival.  Again, Nul’yani could feel that Cethil’aru was the person she needed to save, and again channeled the Force to knock Kain’haru back into a nearby rock wall, almost killing him.  Kain’haru was left for dead, and Nul’yani was taken to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant to work on better handling her emotions, before finishing her training on Tython.


I’ve been playing Nul’yani similar to Arynthia, but have put more emphasis on emotional reactions to scenarios.  Its been interesting because several more dark side or neutral choices are being picked.  Nul’yani’s reactions are more empathetic to everyone around her, instead of Arynthia’s feelings for just her family and friends.

Nul’yani is actually an old character, originally a Sith Inquisitor I had created on my pre-merge Empire server and then deleted.  She was recreated sometime around the RotHC expansion as a Miraluka Sage, but I only played her until the fleet, and was using her for GTN stuff, and decided to come back her after Togruta was released.

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