Lets Look at Class Storyline Chronology – Part 1

So with the 4.0 changes to streamline the leveling experience, I have been going back and doing every class storyline to see how the experience changes.  This has also afforded me the opportunity to see what events I can use to determine when these class stories take place in a general timeline.  I have been putting these details on a separate page: Project: Class Story Timeline.  Now I am not going through and creating outlines of all events that take place during a characters storyline, but I am taking notes of certain events that are shown as being significant in the grander scheme of the SWTOR story.

You will note however, that I am not mentioning the planet storylines, or the planet bonus storylines, because there is no way to rectify these against all of the classes.  I still consider them valid and canonical within the SWTOR universe, but I want my focus to be on the unique class storylines.

So here are some thoughts on things I have seen so far that are noteworthy:

  • Despite what some may think, there is no way that all of these class storylines are happening at the same time.  There is no way that the class storylines can be occurring within some five year time span as I have seen some claim in the SWTOR lore forums.
  • The Imperial Agent story takes place 10 years before the Smuggler story, thats a fact.
    • You cannot convince me that the Nok Drayen who appears in the Star Cabal holo’s during chapter 3 of the Agent’s story is the sick, recently unfrozen Nok Drayen of the Smugglers chapter 1.  Just isn’t happening.
    • While I will concede maybe a few days to a week passes during the events where the Smuggler goes to get Nok’s reliquary, and it could be possible that Nok gets in touch with the Star Cabal during this time, the two times that Nok speaks during the holo’s in the Agents story, he’s not wheezing.
    • Nok does mention going away during one of these holo scenes, but it’s easier to believe that this was meant to be him freezing himself, and not dying.
    • While playing through chapter 1 for Smuggler, Risha is recounting all of her father’s exploits, and while it may not sound like it would destabilize the underworld, would certainly cause some chaos, which is a goal of the Star Cabal
    • I believe it is during one of Risha’s first companion story quests, that she mentions she was 11 when Nok was frozen, and she was living alone with her fathers chunk of carbonite.
  • Everything that the Star Cabal is doing, is meant to destabilize what has been an uneasy truce since the sacking of Coruscant.
    • Nok Drayen is working on creating power vacuums in the underworld
    • Kolovish is the dying Matriarach of the Twi’lek pilgrims at the beginning of the Jedi Knight story.  She is alive during the final holocall in the Agents story, and actually looks pretty healthy.
    • Yem Leksende is using Czerka to try and manipulate the galaxies corporations.  During the Corellia planet story, he is even seen apologizing for this.
    • I was hoping to get some insight as to what the Prince was doing for the Star Cabal during the Jedi Consular’s mission on Alderaan, but I never saw anything.  Don’t recall seeing anything for him in any of the other stories either, at least nothing that jumps out.
    • Several other unidentified people were at these Star Cabal meetings as well, but its unclear who they were, or what plans they were currently pursuing when encountered by the Agent.
  • The following stories have Chancellor Janarus as leading the Republic:
    • Jedi Consular — all the way until chapter 3 when he’s removed
    • Bounty Hunter
    • Imperial Agent — I believe there is a mention of Janarus during one of the Agent’s Corellia cutscenes.
  • We know that the Sith Warrior’s story takes place before the Trooper’s, because of Lt. Pierce’s conversations regarding getting a team together to capture the Bastion on Corellia, which is something General Rakton wants to do.  And since General Rakton is the main bad guy for the Troopers chapter 3, and the assault on the Bastion is the finale, its safe to assume this takes place some time after Pierce’s mission.
  • Its unclear whether Mako is with Braden or the Bounty Hunter during the Qyzen Fess conversation.
  • Doc’s conversation regarding curing Nem’ro the Hutt, and Kaliyo’s participation doesn’t necessarily mean it happened directly after the Agent or Bounty Hunters prologue missions.  Kaliyo only mentions Nem’ro as a former employer.

There’s obviously more that can be discussed, but for now, this is where this post ends.

If anyone is interested on helping with the project, post your comments here.  I may miss things, but I am trying to get everything I believe is significant outlined.

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