Character Update #3

Here is the last bunch of characters with previous posts:


  • Rosallia
  • Human Female
  • Jedi Knight – Sentinel (55)
  • Original Post

I have not done anything with Rosallia, outside of artifice stuff, since the pre-SoR 12x XP event.  I think for me, it still is challenges with how melee combat skills work.  I have the same problem with the Sith Marauder, Sith Assassin, and Jedi Shadow classes as well.  I do have plans to get her leveled to 65 soon, I’m just not sure when.

Head-canon:  Rosallia is currently part of team looking into the disappearance of several key Republic figures, several of which are Jedi.


  • Sharithia
  • Cathar Female
  • Smuggler – Scoundrel (65)
  • Original Post

I haven’t been doing much with Sharithia, outside of her Armstech and Investigation stuff.  With several really good healers in the guild, there’s never been a real need for her, and I mainly like doing DPS in guild stuff anyway.

Head-canon:  With the Eternal Empire invasion, Sharithia has been assisting the Barithor Guild in whatever missions they are on.  She is currently the lead operator with the medical supply missions.


  • Cethil’aru
  • Cathar Male
  • Jedi Knight – Guardian (65)
  • Original Post

I haven’t done as much as I have wanted to with Cethil’aru since he hit level 65.  While I was getting better at tanking SM ops before the 4.0 update, I was still hitting a skill wall.  Group finder and the 4.0 group content changes have not helped me overcome this yet.

Head-canon:  After the raid to kill the Sith Emperor, Cethil’aru’s life got rather complicated.  While Republic SIS deemed it was too dangerous to report the news to the galaxy, Chancellor Saresh declared the news on the holonet.  Shortly thereafter, rumors started to pour into the SIS as well as Jedi Council, that the new Emperor’s Wrath, Kain’haru, was searching for the Jedi who killed his master.  The two warriors have battled several times, with neither gaining a true upper-hand, and the stalemates have ended with both just walking away.

Cethil’aru recently took on an apprentice, Nul’yani, a young Togruta female who has saved Cethil’aru from Kain’haru twice.  Along with members of the Jedi Council, they have been working with her to control her emotions when using the Force.


  • Kain’haru
  • Cathar Male
  • Sith Warrior – Juggernaut (65)
  • Original Post

I was finally able to finish up leveling Kain’haru, focusing on Heroics for Lo’keth’s Alliance grind.  I was able to take him through a couple of SM operations, and he helped tank an Eyeless during the recent Rakghoul outbreak on Corellia. Other than that, I haven’t done anything with him.

Head-canon:  Fate can be cruel to some.  After Kain’haru defeated his former master Darth Baras and became the Emperor’s Wrath, a countdown began for how long he would retain that title.  Several members of the Dark Council started working within their own power-bases to formulate plans to remove the latest obstacle to destroying the Emperor.  However, the Dark Council was the least of his problems.  It was around this time that a former associate and his adopted-mothers rival Terra’lia started poking around in his business again.  Terra’lia has given him information collected over several years regarding his real parents, the fake attack, and different Sith lords who were involved in the “cover-up”.  So the Dark Council was able to go on scheming during these years while Kain’haru has been away.  In fact, during this time he learns of the Emperor’s Voice death after being attacked by a Jedi named Cethil’aru, who believed it was the real Sith Emperor.  After realizing he hasn’t been able to focus on his own power-base, Kain’haru makes an uneasy alliance with Darth Marr, and then goes off to pursue Cethil’aru as a possible obstacle for the Sith Emperor.

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