Feature Request: Profession

[Note:  This post was originally created last year when I took a break to play some Wildstar.  So I will be using that experience to try and justify what I would want with this feature.  The interesting thing that came out of this for me anyway, was that it would have required some major changes, especially to the names of certain gathering and crafting classes.]

When I first started playing SWTOR over three years ago, one of the things that I was looking for was a change to the standard features from WoW.  With my recent break, and playing Wildstar, I saw a feature they had, and was wondering how it could be used in SWTOR.  I played through the beginning and second areas for four characters, two on Exile side, and two on Dominion, to see how the Path system worked.  It was a great secondary feature that could easily supplement a players progressing through the world.

Wildstar Paths

  • Explorer — The Path for those players looking to explore all of the nooks and crannies of Nexus.  I had some fun trying to jump around trying to find all of the special areas that I had to find on the objective list.  But just like in SWTOR, there was several tricky jumps and problems I had with the inertia and physics that tended to send me flying off ledges or platforms to my death.
  • Scientist — The Path for players looking for lore and artifacts, and how to use the different technologies that existed.  For me, this was a really cool Path, especially the puzzles to open certain areas.  The Biology objectives were interesting, but there were a few that had way too many mobs to try and complete the objective.
  • Settler — The Path for players looking to help buff not only themselves, but their fellow players.  I found this Path fun as well, finding the different things needed to make the buff items, and then making them.  It was great especially to do this at the outpost areas where you could also create medical triage areas and even vendors.
  • Soldier — The Path for players who want to fight wave after wave of mobs.  I really didn’t like this one, at least from what I played, which was as a Draken Warrior.  The objectives that I recall doing, had me fighting wave after wave of mobs, which in itself wasn’t bad.  But if I could equate to something in SWTOR, there’s quests that have you kill x of certain mobs for the bonus, and then the next bonus objective is to kill twice as many as you killed before.

So if there was a similar system in SWTOR, what paths, or professions could there be?

  • Slicer — While the Gathering skill is okay, a profession that existed which used slicing would be really cool if implemented correctly.  Not just within maybe Flashpoints and Operations, you could take on missions that would have you navigating the holonet and computer systems for information.  This could be implemented as special puzzles using symbols or something, where you are hacking the system to get to the information.
  • Historian — This would be the lore based profession, where you have missions that would use artifacts and such to increase the players understanding of lore.  Similar to the Slicer, a puzzle system could be used, but maybe the existing Archaeology fragments could be used to create special items for use in the puzzle.
  • Mechanic — I could see this as something used similar to the Scavenger or Slicing things that currently exist in some Flashpoints and Operations, but now only one person would be needed.  Again,  I could see a puzzle being used to see if you repair a generator, or a power conduit, etc…
  • Pilot — I’m not sure how it could be fully implemented, but the Pilot profession I could see as giving some additional buffs/debuffs for Galactic Starfighter.  Yes I realize the companions and mercs give some buffs, but the Pilot profession could give some additional items, or maybe increase the buffs already being given.  Say you had a Pilot who was doing things that may fill up objectives to become a “Hot Dog”.  Well that may give additional buffs for the maneuvers where you do something in a hot dog like manner, and maybe decreases the recast time for moves like the Barrel Roll.
  • Architect — This would be the profession I could see that would give some ways to create decorations for strongholds.  By using pre-fab kits, and some additional items that could be found or something brought in from other gathering skills, an Architect could create special decorations that would not be available anywhere else, including the Cartel Market.  I liked how the Architect crafting worked in Wildstar.  You want to create specific types of computers, it takes the pre-fab kits, maybe the items from the Slicing skill can then be used to create the different types.  Maybe even take a decoration and enhance it.  But its not just for computers, all the different types of items, from civic stuff, to environmental, to technological, etc…
  • Vendor — Again, I’m not to sure how to fully implement this, but it would allow the player to create a vendor that could sell items they create from a stronghold.  I will admit that the GTN makes selling things easy, and this would probably be more for RP’ers, it could still be a cool way to sell things from the players perspective.  Maybe different objective paths based on the crafting classes.  Passing certain objectives allows the players to sell higher level items, etc… And one of the profession objectives could be to reduce taxes for sold goods, or something similar.
  • Tactician — I was trying to think of a good military-based profession, and all I could think of was a Tactician.  Would this be similar to Wildstar’s implementation, possibly.  It would be cool to have a RTS style mini-game, where you have a battle, and based on number of moves, enemies defeated, allies alive/dead, that would satisfy the objectives of a particular path through the profession.  But missions where you have to survive wave after wave of enemies would be easier to implement.

Obviously these changes would require some reworking of how existing game mechanics worked.  I could see the existing Slicing skill become a Technician maybe, where the the credit lockboxes are removed, keep the technical parts, and have schematics drop as well.  It would mean changing or adding objective points to flashpoints and operations for the mechanic, slicer, and any other profession to take advantage of.


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