Same Old Song and Dance

Well if you haven’t seen what this new Light and Dark event is, here’s a link to the official posting.  All I could say when I saw this was the above:  its the same old song and dance.  Literally, nothing new to do, same recycled content, just new RNG rewards.  Get ready to sacrifice money, family, relationships, jobs, and whatever else to the RNG gods!  So yeah, yay randomness!

I’m not very fond of the idea to create multiple characters to participate in an event, especially one that requires the player to do most of the content available in order to get the maximum rewards.  They mention some of the recurring events, required for different levels, and gives a rough estimate as to how long the event will go: June 28th to the end of October at least.  Thats four months of being chained to SWTOR, getting one character through to 65 doing all FPS, OPS, and PVP, 7 more characters to 50, getting every crew skill to 550, and whatever else there was.

Several of the rewards look 1000 times better than the crap-fest subscriber “rewards” they have been giving for staying subbed by X date.  I want the companions, and the tank mount, and the armor looks inspired by the TFA stormtroopers.  But the fact that items from these crappy RNG Light/Dark packs are Bind on Pickup and cannot be sold, is a slap in the face.  I already have Satele’s armor, as well as Revan’s, and several other armor sets, that I have unlocked on my account, and I don’t want copies that I can’t sell!  The fact that its random as to what you get, its just so counter-intuitive as a reward.  With my RNG skills, I’d be the guy getting the exact same crap that I couldn’t sell to justify all of the time wasted on the event.

Recycling the game is not the answer to whatever financial problems they are looking at.  I know there is new stuff coming out this fall, and that they are trying to do everything they can keep their subscriber and active player numbers up, but rehashing old content with new rewards is not the answer.  However, there are alternatives to this, that peak the interest of some players, and would have allowed some additional cash to be brought in, without it feeling like a huge time sink with a cash grab.

You have an event centered around the Light side and Dark side, where players are choosing, based on their decisions, which side of the Force they want to be associated with.  The cool thing here, is there could be something to track which side is winning or losing.  The rewards however, are not completely tied to this, which will be shown below.

  1. Using all existing characters, across all servers, for everyone that has achieved Light 3/Dark 3, then 10 points is applied to that side.  For everyone character that has achieved Light 4/Dark 4, then 25 points is applied to that side.  And for every character that is Light 5/Dark 5, then 50 points is applied.  So if a character is Light 5/Dark 5, they will contribute a total of 85 points to the overall ranks.
  2. If they want to bring all flashpoints and operations into the event, then give points for completing them based on the faction.  But since their is a special emphasis on the Black Talon/Esseles FP’s for social interaction, give bonus points for this one, based on the choices being made.
  3. Since PvP is faction based, then this too could give light or dark side point based on the wining faction.  Even for those PvP matches where the same faction is “fighting” each other, the faction gets points.
  4. At the end of the campaign, a “winning” side is determined, and some special reward is given out to all players that is influenced by the winning side.  So that tank mount would be black if Dark side won, and white if Light side won.
  5. In addition, some special in-game events would be playable that have rewards that are locked to the event, and will not be available again.  Period.  Because the event lasts the same 4 months, plenty of time to get all of the events done before the campaign expires.
    1. Recruit those Light and Dark companions they created.
    2. Use the four items being given out for Heroics and stuff from KotFE, and turn them in for points and like 5 Cartel Market Certs and a random blue or purple Reputation Token.  See this gets those old items that you can’t get anymore, but still have things in-game.
    3. During the recurring events, something could be occurring that people would want to participate in, even if they maxed their bounty/rakghoul/Gree reputation and haven’t been participating in the events.

I have been a subscriber since shortly after launch.  This winter/fall is the 5th Anniversary, and it seems the last train is pulling into the SWTOR train station.  I’m not sure if the people at Bioware Austin are fatigued, running out of good ideas with their skeleton crew, or getting hammered to put out absolute crap by the EA overlords looking to squeeze every last penny out of the SWTOR IP.

I’m not sure if I will be participating just yet.  I am still a filthy casual, and have been playing FFXIV because I was fatigued with SWTOR.  The first and second levels definitely look doable in 4 months.  I know I don’t have the credits, resources, or time to power-level all of the crew skills to max level.  I am questioning whether to keep my subscription going.  Its like fighting an uphill battle now, and I don’t have much strength left.

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