Nostalgia: Star Wars Galaxies

I had tried to play Star Wars Galaxies a few times, never on my own, usually at friends requests.  There were parts of the game that I definitely liked, and others that felt restrictive.  I liked the fact that I could begin as an artisan, and just do crafting and sampling all day.  I liked the skill system for the most part, even though it felt constricted in its implementation.  I remember getting Sampling IV in just a few days, with no more leveling to be done for it.  I liked being an architect and building houses for other players.  I liked the idea of player cities and voting on mayors.  I didn’t like the combat as much, as it felt clunky, especially when I was coming back after playing Final Fantasy XI.

So I had heard about the SWG Emulator project a couple of years ago, but was interested at the time in reliving the nostalgia of Galaxies, for whatever reason.  Hell, I wasn’t even sure if I could find my old game disks anymore.  So the other day the thought came back up, and I did some research into what they had implemented so far.  While it didn’t look like all of the Jump to Lightspeed stuff had been implemented (ie. space battles), it did look like the “new” professions had been added, such as shipwright.  So I found a boxed version of the Total Experience on Amazon, and when it arrived installed the game.

I have to say it was very weird going back to a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

I forgot how many choices you had in creating a character.  I was tempted to make an old man, but decided on someone who looked more middle-aged.


So here is Cethil Barithor.  I started in Theed on Naboo, since it felt like a good starter city.  I still went artisan as my initial class.  I knew if anything, that at some point when trying the combat professions, I could at least make my weapons and armor.  In the week that I’ve been playing, I’ve maxed Sampling, gotten to Business I and Engineering II.  I have loved the AFK sampling, and since the game is running on a laptop next to my gaming rig, I can still play SWTOR or FFXIV while I gather!  The crafting grind has been different, but I’ve been running the 1k+ credits missions to build up what money I need to keep buying skills.  I haven’t picked up a combat profession yet, although I recall Scout had a skill needed for making clothes.

I’m not sure yet what my long term plans are for this game.  I haven’t joined a guild yet, but have tried to be friendly when people are around.  On any night I’ve seen about 20 people in Theed, most have been AFK sampling, but others are running around doing their missions.  At some point I know I want to visit Corellia and Tatooine, but haven’t checked on transport ticket prices yet.

I may start another character at some point, going the pure combat route, but still not sure.  This character would be a perfect choice if I wanted to join the Imperial or Rebellion factions.  I don’t think I would want that for the Artisan as it may restrict what I can do, or where I can sell.  I can’t remember, but do need to look this up at some point.

Well that has been a trip down memory lane.  I will probably post more updates when I hit certain milestones, such as getting my first house or whatever.


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