My Dark Vs Light Characters

So I decided to participate in the Dark vs Light event, primarily because I hope we get the Chiss companion, Master Ranos, and not Darth Maulette.  In addition, I figured with the XP boost armor, it could help when creating any new characters, or useful with my existing ones that I haven’t finished.  Like I mentioned before however, I can’t see myself completing the last challenge tier, especially with the HM flashpoint objective.


  • Vyogori
  • Jedi Consular – Sage
  • Human Male

Head canon:

Vyogori is the son of Taelitha’s aunt, Ehrith, her mother’s sister.  She hasn’t seen Vyogori in ages, primarily because his Jedi training kept him away from the rest of the family.  She ran into him again at the Alliance base on Yavin 4, where he was leading a group of Jedi Knights.  Vyogori is somewhat stubborn with civilian authority, questioning the motives of their actions, especially those of politicians.  He has questioned at times the Jedi Council’s decisions regarding peacekeeping efforts, when its being done at the request of a senator.  However, he strongly believes in the Jedi’s duty to protect the weak, no matter what faction they belong to.


I have never liked the male Consular’s voice, despite liking Nolan North’s voice-acting in other projects such as Final Fantasy XIV and Uncharted.  Usually I re-roll the character after leaving Tython because I can’t stand listening to him talk.  However, I decided my new character would be a male consular, and that I would make it to level 65.  Mission accomplished.


  • I’drusul
  • Sith Inquisitor – Sorcerer
  • Togruta Male

Head canon: I’drusul is the son of dewback farmers from Tatooine, former slaves of Vorga the Hutt.  I’drusul was found to be Force sensitive at a young age, and was trained briefly at Mos Ila before being transferred to Ziost for further training.  He originally used his rage and anger at being a slave to help harness his Force potential.  However, after working through his trials on Korriban, he learned that a bounty hunter had killed Vorga and freed several of his slaves, including his parents.  Now he works to end the bigotry that the Empire shows towards aliens.

Notes:  I have been going straight light choices for him, again because of the Dark vs Light companion.  That being said, I did pursue the full romance option with Ashara, including the whole “fixing what is wrong with the Empire”, because again, it makes sense for his story.  Since I haven’t published my Nar Shadaa stronghold post, the inclusion of Vorga the Hutt was a way to bring in that part of Ashallia’s story with another character.

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