Character Profile: Orth’enal


  • Twi’lek Male
  • Imperial Agent – Sniper (??)

Head Canon:

Orth’enal is the son of Lor’fula, a former Nexus Room Cantina dancer, and a Twi’lek Imperial Intelligence officer known as Minder 18, who was killed in a freak explosion while processing security footage in the archives when Orth’enal was a teenager.  While Orth’enal did not know who his father was, or what he did, his mother would always reinforce that he was doing something right, not just for them, but for all aliens in the empire.  When he was old enough, Orth’enal tried to apply for service in the Imperial military but was turned down several times, with the only reason given being that he was an inferior alien.  After his last attempt, Orth’enal left Dromund Kaas and joined an anarchist group determined to fight the alien bigotry in the empire.  During a violent protest on Ziost, Orth’enal was severely injured and left for dead.  However, one of the local citizens, a human named Murin, helped to nurse him back to full health.  Orth’enal became aware of Murin’s history with Imperial Intelligence as Fixer 2, who knew his father.  Murin used his connections to get Orth’enal into Imperial Intelligence, with the idea being he would make a great Minder like his father.  However, during his training, Orth’enal exhibited abilities and traits that his instructors figured he would make a better Cyper agent, than a minder.


For game purposes I have been playing Orth’enal in a very Total Recall type of way.  I’ve used certain events from the Dromund Kaas series of missions, to justify that he’s a sleeper agent for Darth Jadus, and even had him join him during the chapter 1 finale.  Because Agent is the one class that has several different branches and endings based on your choices, I wanted to try and experience them all.  To that end, some of the above back story is actually implanted memories.



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